Water Polo, Team Handball, and Badminton!


 I love the summer Olympics! Thank goodness we only have to deal with the event every four years.  When it comes to games I am pretty much old school.  By this, I mean that there are only some events that count in my book.  Events like track & field, boxing, basketball, volleyball, and swimming to name a few.  I have this really bad habit of falling asleep with my television on and I may have had the volume up a little louder than usual.

 That’s why I was a little annoyed this morning because the idiot box had deprived me of a few extra minutes of sleep. And what I woke up to was water polo.  For those of you who don’t know water polo from Marko polo, it’s basically soccer played in a swimming pool.  Today’s gripping match was being played by Hungary and Montenegro.  I quickly learned that these were two power house teams and Hungary won the last two Gold Medals.  Big deal!  Put on a football helmet.  If the real athletes in America played water polo we’d be kicking their former Commie asses! 

Yesterday I watched something called team handball.  What is team handball you may ask?  It’s basically soccer played with the hands instead of the feet in a gymnasium.  The match was being played by the women’s teams from France and Angola.  This was as exciting as watching paint dry!   I hope that there is no such thing as men’s team handball.  This is the game for you if you can’t play anything else.

Right now I am watching badminton and it is nothing like soccer.  Give me a break!  We used to play this at summer bar-be-ques.  But these players certainly take this seriously.  They move and play just as hard as any tennis player would.  And there is no grunting in badminton.  The Chinese must have invented this game because they’ve opened up a can of whoop ass on their opponents.

I am going to visit the IOC’s official website and see what other crazy sports are a part of the Olympic Games.  And I am going to suggest that Blogging be added as an official sport.  In the meantime, does anyone know when the Rhythmic Gymnastics start?



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2 responses to “Water Polo, Team Handball, and Badminton!

  1. fakename2

    Nick, don’t forget the ever-riveting sport of table tennis. The Chinese are apparently crazy about it and very good at it, but I heard last week on NPR that no one in the U.S. knows how to play it any more, so we had to recruit our team from…the Chinese. Go Table Tennis Team USA!! Now go out there and kick some Chinese…no wait, you ARE Chinese. (It might have said the team was recruited among Chinese-Americans, but my version is funnier.) And can anyone tell me the difference between table tennis and ping-pong (if any)?

  2. eehard

    Growing up on the South side of Tallahassee, I was the ping ponk king at the Jake Gaither rec center. what’s the difference between a maid and a domestic engineer? one just sounds better than the other.

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