George W. Bush is on the Ballot!

While George W. Bush is not on the ballot for the November national election, unless you consider John McCain to be Bush 3, he is on the ballot in San Francisco.   What is he running for you might be asking yourself.  Absolutely nothing! Some very smart San Franciscans have come up with a very clever idea.

Presidents get shit named after them whether you think that particular president was great or not.  They renamed Washington D.C.’s National Airport after Ronald Reagan.  Truth be told, they tried to rename DC and all of its streets and buildings after The Gipper.   Washington has his bridge in New York.  JFK and Bush 41 have airports named after them.  I am waiting to see what they are going to name after Bill Clinton.  That probably won’t happen until they build the National Sex Museum on the National Mall.

What the citizens of San Francisco want to do is to change the name of the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant to the George W. Bush Sewage Plant.  If I were a San Franciscan I’d be supporting the measure.  Did you notice that water pollution is replaced by sewage?  What an appropriate metaphor for how this President has treated our Constitution and the war in Iraq.

Here, locally, I’ve undertaken a similar measure.  I have changed the name of the bathroom from The Library to The George W. Bush Dump Center!   



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4 responses to “George W. Bush is on the Ballot!

  1. spencercourt

    Nick…I swear that immediately after reading that line about Clinton the word “sex” popped in my mind and so when I read the next sentence I had to laugh! As for the “library”, why not call it the George W. Bush Library…lol!

  2. eehard

    lol… i think that affords our great leader a little too much respect

  3. loveandonlylove

    I think that would be an insult to sewars everywhere…


  4. eehard

    LOL… thanks for the comment Ron. I look forward to you blogging!

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