Christians and their Floods!








Focus on the Family, another evangelical right wing nut job group headed by Dr. James Dobson has recently pulled a video from the group’s website.  In it….  Well just take a look at it for yourself.  Those crazy Christians.


 You can’t rain on Obama’s Parade!




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4 responses to “Christians and their Floods!

  1. ptfan1

    lol its kinda funny. But what a noise will be made by the evangelcal right if it does rain. Personally i believe we gotta let the Superstar sing his song. Lets see he can talk about tire gauges, dead presidents, solidarity of Israeli Jeruslem and the narrow vision of General Petreaus. Maybe even say “Ich bin ein Berliner.” he can talk about change maybe he would like to talk about Michelles 300% salary increase after he became senator and the million dollars he earmarked for her firm.

  2. eehard

    can you cite your sources regarding the last two remarks. i wonder what the longterm forecast is for denver>

  3. ptfan1

    yup Corsi’s latest book. lol now YOU are asking for sources

  4. eehard

    I hope you check out the Larry King interview!

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