Don’t Tase Me Bro!

Six months ago in Winnfield, Louisiana a few miles from Jena (a bastion of civil rights) a black man lost his life. It wasn’t of natural causes or that other great killer of blacks, “sickle cell trait.” This man was murdered at the hands of a white Winnfield police officer Scott Nugent. This black man was Tasered by Mr. Nugent a total of nine times while handcuffed. The ensuing result was death by cardiac arrest. To add insult to injury, this flatfoot did not even summon medical attention when the prisoner was unconscious.

Yesterday, a Winn Parrish grand jury handed down a murder indictment. The victim, Baron Pikes, was wanted on an outstanding warrant. After a brief foot chase, Mr. Pikes was arrested without incident. The Winnfield Police Department issued a statement at the time stating that Mr. Pikes had confessed to the officer that he was high on PCP and that he suffered from asthma. Did these goons not think that an autopsy would be performed? The Winn Parrish Coroner found that Pikes had no drugs in his system nor that he suffered from asthma. It was also discovered that while unconscious, Mr. Pikes was Tasered twice more in the squad car.

Furthermore, the Winn Parrish Coroner was quoted as saying that this incident amounted to nothing less than torture. Along with this murderous police officer, those within the department that issued the false statements should be held accountable. The victim’s family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the officer and police department.

I am not making any suggestions whatsoever about whether or not this case has racial overtones. The cop could have been having a bad day. He is due his day in court and he will get it. My only hope is that the victim will have an impartial jury impaneled in that Winnfield courthouse.

For more information click the following link. I should have updated video tomorrow! You may have to cut and paste the link.


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