One Dead Rattler and Intolerance!








There is a TDO blogger going around using the screen name 1deadrattler.  I think he may be a reincarnation of wastupwidya.  I went to his profile and found out that this individual makes a lot of racial and negative comments in the forums and certain blogs.

Yesterday, I posted a blog entitled “Don’t Tase Me Bro!” It was basically a piece about a Louisiana policeman who tased a man nine times and killing him.  1deadrattler and I don’t know if he chose that name because of my love for FAMU or the fact that I am wearing a Rattler jersey in my profile photo got into a verbal exchange.

After trading various insults I resorted to calling him a “Cracker.”  And I did not mean the saltine variety.  After the comment posted I immediately submitted another comment apologizing for using the epithet.  I received a comment from a reader that I had never spoken to or remembering him posting a comment on any of my blogs.   He told me that “eehard, I don’t always agree with you but I respect you and you should not have suken to his level. Don’t use double standards.”

This immediately hit me hard as I’ve written about the “N” word.  I should never have allowed this person’s comment to appear on my blog.  When I awoke this morning I immediately went to the computer and deleted the blog.  But even up to this point it is not enough.

If anyone happened to see the comment and felt offended, I sincerely apologize and ask your forgiveness!  I know that I am better than that and should have been smarter to let someone goad me into becoming something I am not. 



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10 responses to “One Dead Rattler and Intolerance!

  1. fakename2

    Aw, Nick, I think we know the kind of person you are at heart. Sometimes these people, you know, grrrr….it’s hard to maintain civility. And this person sounds like he or she is making it personal, even threatening (1deadrattler? gimme a break).

  2. eehard

    thanks fakename2.

  3. oldwhiteguy

    Hey Nick, nice to see you still blogging.

    I must have clicked on the link for the blog you posted at TDO just about the time you deleted it, for it was gone. As much trouble as 1deadrattler has given you under other screen names, I can’t blame you for losing your cool.

    Chin up, and keep doing what you do!

  4. eehard

    Thank you sir. Your comment is appreciated!

  5. Intimidator

    I was not offended at all. I have always found that use of those type words…including the “N” word reflect more poorly on the user than the person they are directed to. eehard: If ignorance is bliss, onedeadrattler must be the happiest SOB in history.

  6. eehard

    intimidator: regardless of the discourse, i should have not breached my own ethics. i just got caugt in a lapse of judgment!

  7. Intimidator

    It happens to the best of us my friend. I finally joined you and fake and anarchist…I am now on wordpress too. intimidatoroftdo is my handle.

  8. lucytoo

    I don’t get it…what’s wrong with being a Cracker?

    It’s (proud) part of my/Florida’s heritage…Crackers were/are the people, and their families, living/born here (along with Native Americans)…when others (during the original land grab) were just moving here…my Mother & Father were Crackers (so that makes me a Cracker, too)…I understand you meant it as an insult…but not all of us define it (Cracker) that way…go to the Museum of FL History (in the RA Gray Building) they have a cracker exhibit, and learn about Florida’s history…(again let me say) we are a PROUD part of Florida’s heritage…even though they/we make talk funny, but it doesn’t mean we’re all racist…who knows maybe all of you talk “funny”, too…at least to “us” Crackers!!!!!!!!!!

  9. jon

    Hey Nick. I am the one who left the comment on not sinking to his level and using double standards…i know you didn’t mean “cracker” as a term for all white people but only specifically 1deadrattler…I just know you are better than resorting to calling names…from reading your other blogs and stuff I know you are intelligent enough not to use them, that’s all I really meant…sure it is a double standard but I didn’t take direct offense but just wanted you to see that which i know you did and apologized for. Definitely accept your apology and just ignore this guy is the best advice…oh ya and i just wanted you to know that i have commented on a few of your blogs (i am the one who had the young mom who gave me up for adoption). Anyway’s take care!

  10. Babette

    This happened the day I got home from the hospital after 7 days in critical condition. I read 1dead and someone else, both being just plain willfully mean. So I said something then got told I was wrong and they weren’t mean but speaking truthfully and somehow I didn’t get it or was wrong. I let it go until tonight came back to read some more and found this link. I feel relieved that I was not the only one to take offense or notice. Jon did as well . I detest the word cracker as I do the N word, they both have essentially the same meaning. Where I come from if someone is a cracker best not to deal with them. It was all stupid and not called for. The term is in reference to the character of a white person. I see lucy likes the term but I “feel”; not know; that white folks that think cracker is o.k. think the n word is o.k. just personal observations and expeiences. One can easily say the “crackers” were an extension of the good ole boy network that is still thriving today, its roots are beginning to rot very slowly.

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