A Murder, A Capture, and the Idiocy!








A woman was murdered in Tallahassee yesterday!  The murder suspect was captured today!  I applaud the Leon County Sheriff’s Office for a job well done!  And for me to say that was the equivalent of getting teeth pulled without the benefit of Novocain.  And then the idiocy began.

I usually stay away from the threads of comments following any story dealing with crime.  All of the usual idiots crawl out from beneath their collective rocks and start to spew their usual venomous hate and ignorance.  There are three children traumatized and a family and community shocked into sudden grief over the death of this young woman.  And the idiocy caught fire!

Some idiot posted on the thread that the young woman had a previous criminal record.  WTF were you thinking?  Are you in some way suggesting that because of that previous criminal record she deserved the fate that she ultimately met?  She had paid her debt to society.  Whether or not she was engaged in present criminal activity will be determined by the authorities at a later date.  And the idiocy got worse.

No one deserves to have their home invaded in the middle of the night.  No one deserves to be shot and left for dead.  No child should ever be witness to the murder of their mother.  But she had a criminal record.  Not only am I furious with the idiot that introduced this to the thread I am furious with the staff of the Tallahassee Democrat for not deleting these posts.  And the idiocy continues…


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