The Bear and the Dragon!









Aside from this being a wonderful book by Tom Clancy published in 1991. This piece has nothing to do with literary matters.  The metaphors in the title should be obvious.  This is about Russia and China!  China’s staging of the Olympic Games announces to the world that “We’re here!”  And Russia’s invasion of Georgia screams “We’re Back!”  And what can America do about it?  Absolutely nothing!

With America’s military bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan there is no military option available.  All we get is Gorge W. Bush’s hollow rhetoric and meaningless empty threats directed at Russia.  Alexander Putin is laughing his ass off right now.  He did to Georgia what Bush did to Iraq.  I guess that W. could look into the eyes of the Devil and see something good.  At least to his credit McCain said “When I look into his eyes I see KGB!” 

Meanwhile, the Chinese have spent millions, perhaps a billion dollars putting on the Olympic Games.  We have borrowed billions of dollars from the Chinese to prosecute the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. And what do we get?  Bridges falling into the Mississippi River is what.  I recently wrote a piece called The United States of China.  Just like in Texas Hold Em poker, the holder of the chips can cash in anytime he/she wants to.

It is imperative that our next president have the temperament to engage the Russians in diplomacy.  And the judgment to get our economy under control so that we can to bring down the deficit and reclaim our independence from Chinese money.  Our next president must also look forward to a renewable energy policy that stops the flow of over seven-hundred billion dollars to oil rich countries.

Our list of problems is long and it will not be an easy row to hoe.  But I know that America can do it.  In part, based on the next leader we choose.  To me the choice is an obvious one.  I’m going to go with the one who wants to do things differently.  I’ve had enough of doing it the same old way!


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  1. spencercourt

    We shall see in November, Nick, we shall see. I didn’t imagine that The Decider would be elected once, much less twice. Yes it was very close; but as they say, close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

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