News You Can’t Use! Edition 2








Remember the other day I had that problem with my cell phone with private showing up on my caller ID?  I couldn’t take it anymore and answered despite the fact that it could be baby’s mama.  It turned out to be CVS.  Apparently I uploaded some photos to be printed and completely forgot about it.  And to think that I was worried about baby’s mama.

Hey how about that Jerome Corsi fellow, seems like his book has been debunked by every credible news organization, FOX is still checking the references.  He is now hawking his book on the racist radio program The Political Cesspool Radio Show.  Funny!  His book The Obama Nation and cesspool have something in common.  Click the link to listen to this cesspool!

Jerome Corsi

Will the punk who stole my lawmower and gas tank from my backyard the other day please come back by and pick up the owner’s manual.  You’ll want to keep it running properly.

And finally, my independent 527 attack on McCain is below.



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3 responses to “News You Can’t Use! Edition 2

  1. fakename2

    Go FAMU! Is there anything cooler than the Marching 100? Or the Marching 187 1/2, or however many they are in real life?
    In any case, thanks for switching designs, I think we’ll be able to read your comments better, especially those of us who are age- and vision-challenged.
    As for the lawnmower, if it was a man who took it he doesn’t need the manual. Manuals are like maps and directions for how to put something together. In the latter case, consulting the directions is only necessary after you’ve put the thing together and it doesn’t work, and you have three extra parts lying around. The next step is to throw the three extra parts into the driveway and run over them with the car, then sell the thing, whatever it is. My guess is, your lawnmower has already changed hands at least three times.

  2. eehard

    Come on Fakename, you’re supposed to make me feel better. lol

  3. fakename2

    Lol, Nick 🙂 I’d say, BOLO, as they say in the law enforcement community, for a deadrat.

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