Is Obama Black Enough?

Recently, a friend who blogs on the TDO website asked me whether I thought that Obama was black enough. I told her I would have to get back to her on that. And that is the subject of this blog. We now know through science that there are no biological or genetic markers for race. Therefore, that makes both race and ethnicity human constructs. When man first became self aware I am sure his first words were not “I am black and how do I get to Detroit?”

So just what is race and ethnicity? I define race as a social grouping or form of people hood that is marked by traits that are perceived to be biologically inherited. Ethnicity is defined as a social grouping or form of people hood that is marked by traits that are perceived to be culturally inherited. So in attempting to answer the question I will use these two definitions. If I accept the first definition to be true then the obvious answer is yes! But I don’t think that is the answer that you are looking for.

If I accept the second definition to be true then it makes it that much more difficult to answer the question. Is he black enough like Dr. Benjamin Carson, the gifted neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins University? Or is he black enough like Pookie standing on the corner selling drugs? Is he black enough somewhere between the two? No one group of people is a monolith. So to be honest I cannot answer the question because I believe that the question cannot be answered. Is John McCain white enough? I haven’t heard that question asked. Why? Because for the most part the people that I perceive to be white generally do not think of themselves as being white.

There is only one race on the planet Earth and that is the human race!



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18 responses to “Is Obama Black Enough?

  1. ptfan1

    This is much better wallpaper. I can read it. You know what really sucks though, FSU has the second best marching band in the state AND in Tallahassee too. The 100 are the greatest. And they actually MARCH. I was in band throughout public school and was invited to be in the marching chiefs, but I chose freedom instead (after so many years of discipline).

    It does not matter at all to me that Obama is black. So I think your response a good one. I am actually quite excited about what his candidacy says about our country. I just don’t think him ready. He proved that again when he caved to the Clintons. All they care about is the white house and everything they do is to get back. I can’t imagine Hillary as a Supreme Court Justice. OMG it would be time to move to Canada. They already have the socialist thing down pretty good.

  2. eehard

    I don’t know if he caved. Maybe on the Hiliary side but she did get 18 million votes. As for Bubba, he is a former sitting president and deserves to speak as well as Gore. I just hope that the Clinton’s don’t stab him in the back.

  3. ptfan1

    eeee, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………….of course they will stab him in the back. It’s what they do.

    He believes he is above the law and she is infected with that virus.

  4. ptfan1

    It’s entirely possible that this story is true

  5. fakename2

    Another pt/fakename debate coming up: (but in our new civilized fashion). “Caving” is not the right word. He would have been nuts not to do whatever he could to honor her achievement, aka, giving her her “props”. There is already a group of people who won’t vote for him anyway because they are so mad, and this is a way of hopefully salvaging the on-the-fencers.
    She will try to stab him in the back, so I agree partly with pt. And it will be subtle, along the lines of when she was asked if she thought he was a Muslim, and she said “Not as far as I know”. To me, that was the sleaziest moment of the campaign. I just think that the deals are already made, the die is cast, and whatever sleazebag maneuvers the Clintons attempt will be crushed.
    Now what is that part about Obama believing he is above the law? You are making my neck hairs stand on end, pt. Hiss.

  6. eehard

    Tell him how you really feel fakename!

  7. eehard


    When I lived in New york I was unaware of this group. I read the Amsterdam News which was the mainstream black media outlet. But this story has been published in other outlets.

  8. spencercourt

    And was this friend who asked about Obama “black” or…? Because I wonder why anyone else would ask such a question?

    And pt…where’s the photo that comes up at TDO? You can upload that same photo here so I recognize you…lol! And who is that? I thought it was P.T Barnum when I thought that was where your screen name came from.

    And just because I’m an enquiring mind…is deadrat the new incarnation of C4ABW? Because I don’t detect the same style.

  9. fakename2

    Naw, deadrat is some new lowlife, under-rock dwelling creature who seems to have it in for Nick. I thought pt’s pic looked like Mark Twain.
    C4BH is still posting, God help us.

  10. doubtingmoab

    What gets me is a report I heard on NPR recently that questioned if Obama was going to have a hard time really attracting the white voter. It was suggested that a lot of white folks would say they don’t mind a black candidate but in the privacy of the voting booth they would have “unspoken reasons” for not voting for a black man.

    This bothers me. What “unspoken” reasons are they talking about – I’m thinking they are talking about latent racism that lots of folk carry around but don’t have the guts to admit.

    It bothers me that this could even be an issue – hasn’t the white folk (me being one of them) gotten the message yet? Is this the same with black folk? Do they say they’ll vote white and secretly vote black? I dunno. It’s a frustrating topic.

    But, more on topic, I’m not even sure what black people mean when they ask “Is Obama black enough?” Do they mean urban enough? Really, honestly, what do they mean?

  11. ptfan1

    I hope you all stay safe today and my 2 boys (men) who live there.

    The PIC IS Mark Twain, I will get er loaded soon.

    mmmmmm perhaps I was unclear fn. I meant slick willie thinks he’s above the law I was not speaking of Obama in that regard.

    As for caving, it is exactly what Obama did IMAO. You can make a case for it as customary and usual but in the case of bill and hill nothing is C&U. They will find a way to maximize themselves and marginalize Obama. They don’t want to have to wait another 8 years for another run. It will be fun to see but it just shows Obama can be outmanuvered. They will practically OWN the convention. I really think it possible they would be happy if somehow, without getting blamed for it, Obama would lose and go away from the Presidential scene so that they could contaminate McCains 4 years and slide into the race in 2012.

  12. fakename2

    Sorry for misunderstanding, pt, and thanks for the hope that we stay safe. I expect to be fine unless a tree falls on me.

  13. Babette

    I am glad that there seems to be people here that are suspicious and hesitant regarding Hillary. I’d have to rethink my decision on how I’ll vote.

  14. fakename2

    I’m feeling pretty smart now that I figured out pt’s pic was Mark Twain. This Sunday, I think I’ll attempt to do the NY Times crossword puzzle in pen. (Kind of an in-joke there–see eehard’s blog entry “Trolls!” on The commenter 1deadrattler occasionally saves some venom for me.)

  15. eehard

    LOL! I am getting ready to post my last blog on TDO!

  16. MzCynic

    Babette, Please tell me you aren’t thinking of voting for someone other than Obama. I’m in SC getting ready to move back to Tally and what Bill said here was so dirty – that couple started slinging first.

    I was a huge Hill fan until then. In fact, not only was I in DC for first inauguration, I am sitting here at my desk looking at a picture of Hill and me taken at a small gathering in Tally before the FSU/FL game when Bill was first running. Also met Bill several times when he was in town.

    Kaine and Bayh not VP choices.

  17. Babette

    Mz, of course not as even if Hillary got on his ticket I don’t think Obama would defer to her like they think he will. Having raised mixed boys in public schools we had to check black for race not white and there was not a box for mixed. Honestly until now I’ve wondered what is caucasian but never asked. Checking those boxes can either get you in for a job or put out of the pool. I wonder if they’ve created a new box or stopped the practice of using boxes for race, I would hope the latter. The boys were considered black by all concerned but never referred to as white especially not by white folks. Interesting is the amount of money spent on tanning as being pale is considered sickly and unattractive. In church as elsewhere we would be pointed out as African-American mixed with American family. Odd because the blacks in our family as well as mixed have a Carribean heritage, just as the Mexican side comes from Mexico not Cuba or Spain. Well my cousin did marry a lady from Panama 40 yrs ago so what does it make my second cousins. Next month my nephew is going to marry a lady from Guam. It is all over my head to consider all of these things anything other than simply family. People feel free to ask my cousin; we were raised together when her Mother died; where she is from. Omega usually says the same place you’re from. I suppose she looks Mexican but once someone asked a bartender to point me out and we were sitting close enough to hear,”shes sitting with the Mexican”. I just don’t get it when will we get to a point of just being without question and validating by and to others. I’m getting old and reclusive, perhaps I shouldn’t be and have an obligation to the generations now and coming to contribute to changing. Voting and discussions like here are as close to action that I come as of late. I’m glad to hear the dialogue whether in agreement or not at least I can come to an understanding. I came here as I respect eehards honsty and sense of humor most of the time, don’t worry about disagreeing with him. Anyway just my thoughts as I read through and wonder about the future.

  18. Babette

    I just wanted to add I would have preferred them to say the two ladies by the pool table as there were no other women in the bar when asked in reference to my cousin and I.

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