Is John McCain a Racist?








Is John McCain a racist?  Watch the video very carefully and then read on.

At first glance this video seems pretty innocuous.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  If you watched carefully like I suggested you would have noticed several things.  The first thing that you should have noticed is that this video ad plays on that old stereotype of black men and white women.  Want to derail a black candidacy in the South, just merely imply a sexual relationship between the two.  Watch the second video and see how Harold Ford’s run for the Senate a couple of years ago was derailed.

Harold Ford lost that election by less than 3 percentage points.  Ford garnered 48 per cent of the vote while eventual winner Bob Corker received 50.7 percent of the vote.  No one can calculate what percentage of the voters was swayed by this video.  But the message of that video was explicit.  How does that differ from the first video? 

The second thing you should have noticed is that the message in the first video is implicit.  While not directly giving you a visual image to suggest a relationship between a black man and a white woman it tries to do so subliminally.  Let me set the stage for you.

First you juxtapose Obama with Brittney Spears and Paris Hilton.  Then on no less than three occasions phallic symbols are shown.  An intelligent person can put the pieces together and see the real message immediately and dismiss it for what it is.  It takes the dimwitted one a while for the collective images to sink in and take effect and then he/she is fooled into believing the original intent of the message.  

Back in 2000 when McCain was running for president, he made a disparaging comment regarding Asians.  He was quoted as saying “I hated the Gooks. I will hate them as long as I live!”  Obviously McCain was referring to his captors during his time as a prisoner of war.  But the word Gook had long been a racial epithet to describe Asians.  Check out the final video.  Is John McCain a racist?  You decide!




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