The Tallahassee Democrat Sucks!









The local newspaper that serves our area The Tallahassee Democrat is a sham of a newspaper.  Its tag line is “Promoting democracy since 1905.”  Nothing can be farther from the truth!  This newspaper on its online forums promotes selective censorship.  I had two blogs removed today for simply stating the truth!  There have been more than a few local bloggers who have jumped to Word Press because we are fed up with all of the bullshit going on.

Just to set the stage for you…  I have been one of the local bloggers generating the most traffic.  On this site we have a feature entitled “Most Reader’s Recommended Blogs.”  At one point I had seven of the top ten blogs.  I am not trying to blow my own horn but when I made the move to Word Press someone obviously took offense!  A local reader asked me to post one of my Word Press blogs onto the site and within 30 minutes my blog was deleted.

From this point forward I am deleting my accounts with this organization.  I will never post another blog on this site.  They allow plagiarism to the nth degree.  When an honest attempt is made to refute the blatant lies posted we are denied a legitimate voice to refute the false allegations.  I never thought that in the 21st century that a newspaper organization would deny a voice of reason to set the record straight.   But that is the state of the current Editorial Board!  Marry Anne Lindley is the worst Editorial Page editor that we have ever had. 

Freedom of speech is being stifled by this site unless you are a John McCain supporter.  The pro McCain blogs outnumber the pro Obama blogs by a ratio of about 6 to 1.  Fuck the Dixiecrat and its selective censorship!

And one more thing…. Mr. Ensley, please remove your toupee!  You have wrecked a marriage proposal for me!



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10 responses to “The Tallahassee Democrat Sucks!

  1. Babette

    I hope you do not stop posting comments as very often you incite deeper thinking and challenge ideals for what they are. I’ll still come here to follow your blogging but hope to still see you occassionally posting regarding articles.

  2. eehard

    babette, i will blog at wordpress i am in the process of archiving my tdo blogs and then i will have nothing to do with tdo.

  3. fakename2

    Which ones did they remove? Of course they would only have been up maybe 10 minutes anyway–not only do we have Update Capitol and Update Florida to contend with, now we have the stupid Democratic convention icon. Like we can’t read or watch that for ourselves. The TD is putting every obstacle in the way of its actual “reader” blogs.

  4. eehard

    P.S. I will have all content off of TDO by tomorrow!

  5. spencercourt

    The sad state of affairs at TDO is old news to those of us who emigrated, of course but….my enquiring mind wants to know about the Ensley’s toupee and the marriage proposal. I’ve obviously missed something. I know it’s a joke but I’m not getting it!

  6. eehard

    Fakename wanted to marry me but she came enraptured with Ensley’s new rug. She promptly dumped me until she satisfies her urge to mate with his wig. LOL

  7. fakename2

    Somehow I missed this post, and was unable to defend myself at the proper time. It turns out I was unable to mate with Ensley’s rug. It dumped me for my cat. They seem to be very happy together.

  8. ptfan1

    My experience at TDO has not proven as vexing as yours. I have had a couple of postings disappear but I attributed it to errors in technology or human error or both and I reposted and they were fine. What IS irritating is the short period of exposure time you have on many of the blogs. But then I am not as inflamatory as you are so maybe it is your style they object too. And that would be vexing. I post at TDO for personal reasons and haven’t yet gotten the thrill of wordpress that you guys do. Perhaps it has just been the season and the economy. Perhaps it is that I am a closet journalist. (which would explain my anger at those who make damn good money to tell the truth and lie or misreport or underreport.

    ps if you havn’t seen Ledgers joker it is avaiable now on DVD. It is so you:)

    • eehard

      I think when i wrote this I was a little intoxicated and I told everyone at the Democrat to go fuck themselves(or a subsequent post). This is kind of wierd since I wrote this post quite a while ago. I plan on getting the Dark Knight this weekend.

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