Game Day! Part 2








It was a good day for the Rattler Nation.  Not only did we beat the Alabama State University Hornets by a score of 30-20, The Marching 100 put on a spectacular show embarrassing the band from A.S.U.  There were several big plays that I will not get into.  You can read about it in the Tallahassee Democrat tomorrow.  I want to talk about the ambiance and the atmosphere surrounding the event.  A HBCU football game is more than just the game.  The bands play an integral part as well.  Its two competitions in one and the Rattlers did not disappoint.

The funny thing about my day was at the very start of the game.  A brief rain shower broke out.  Actually, it was little more than a drizzle.  Now you have to understand that black women and rain do not mix.  Two drops of rain and there is a stampede to get under the stands.  Nothing is going to ruin that hairdo she dropped fifty dollars on the day before.  Fortunately the rain only lasted a few minutes and they returned to their seats.

The other funny thing is that I was sitting in front of what I would call the hater’s club.  There were three young women sitting behind me hating on everyone and everything they saw.  The things I heard had me rolling in my seat laughing my ass off.  “That’s the worst weave in the world girl, the hair from the horse’s tail was cut yesterday” one said.  Another zinger was “Her shorts and high heels is an advertisement saying open for business!”  I could barely contain myself.  Hating is a serious business between women in the community.  For those of you who don’t know what hating is I will include a clip for your amusement.    

The game was kind of close until the third quarter when we finally put it away.  Then the fun started with the bands trying to outdo each other in the stands.  The only annoying thing is when I went to go smoke a cigarette at halftime I lost my third row seat at the forty yard line.  Bragg Stadium is pretty much open seating excerpt for one section.  Trying to get someone out of your seat is like trying to get clockereader or kristihatescrocs to write something original and truthful. 

Anyway, I sat in the stands after the game and listened to the band go through its post game repertoire and for a moment I did not have a care in the world.  It was indeed, a good day.

p.s. I couldn’t find the hater’s ball clip but did find its sequel the time haters.

(for amusement purposes only).


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3 responses to “Game Day! Part 2

  1. fakename2

    Rofl. White women and rain don’t mix either. It’s like poison acid is falling from the sky, and if a drop of it gets on your hair it will burst into flames. A gentleman would carry an umbrella in case of rain…
    When I got to the part in the video about George Jefferson movin’ on up, I fell out of the chair.

  2. eehard

    LOL. I was so disappointed when the Chapelle show went off the air.

  3. fakename2

    Hating as a verb as in “hating on” is a relatively new term for me, but I have a story to tell. Let’s just say that I’m in a sort of customer service position, and a couple of years ago I got a complaint from a black woman who went to lunch with some white female friends at a restaurant near my business, and she had an unfortunate encounter with a security guard who works for me. The next day, she called me, outraged (as well she should have been). She told me she wouldn’t have called, except for the fact that both she and her white friends agreed that she’d been served up a helping of Hatorade.

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