Why the Terrorist’s Will Not Win!








While there is no doubt that terrorism is a shameless way to achieve political goals, we must first understand why terrorism exists in the first place.  The radical fundamentalist in the Middle East is no different than the Leaders of our country.  Old men are using the sons and daughters of others to carry out their political objectives.  What they cannot achieve across the negotiating table, they hope to do so militarily. 

Anybody with an iota of common sense realizes that the root of the problem is the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians.  And what the Arab world perceives to be that Israel is in fact America’s fifty-first state.  I recently wrote a piece that America must act as an honest broker between negotiating the peace.  Negotiations are a euphemism for compromise.  Nobody gets everything they want but you get enough that you are happy to split the difference.

Like Americans, most Israelis and Palestinians trend toward the center.  Why is it that the fringes of the parties are allowed to set the agenda?  With the vast wealth of the United States being siphoned off to the oil producing states the next president should convene immediately a meeting of the prime minister of Israel and the leader of the Palestinian Authority and say this is how it’s going to be.  You have a certain number of days to produce a binding agreement or all U.S. aid is terminated immediately.  Watch how quickly an agreement is produced.

The next step is to withdraw our troops from Iraq.  It is time for the Iraqis to stand up for themselves.  After six years of training, if they cannot stand up for themselves, then they deserve whatever they get.  I did basic training in six weeks, technical school in six weeks, and finally, my secondary security specialist training in less than a month. 

While it won’t be easy to achieve these things we need not be our own worst enemy in achieving our goals.  If we give other nations the chances and the means to work out their conflicts without favoring either side, those in the center will ensure that those on the fringes become less influential.  And therefore, less threatening to American interest.  When will Americans realize that our hegemony is the root of the problem?   



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5 responses to “Why the Terrorist’s Will Not Win!

  1. fakename2

    And speaking of Orwellian moments, listening to Condi Rice lecture Russia on the evils of invading a sovereign country, and GBW lecturing the Chinese (whom we owe half a trillion dollars to) on human rights violations made me feel like I had stepped through the looking glass with Alice.

  2. eehard

    Did you talk to Humpty Dumpty? He kind of reminds me of Karl Rove.

  3. ptfan1

    Your points seem founded in the hegemony argument you have made before. Based on what you are told by the media this would make sense. But America is not being told everything and have not been told the entire war. Leadership did not tell the reality of the situation and now that Patraeus has things turning around the truth is this. The current way to “win” the war is to stabilize the country and push Iran out so that Iraq will be allowed to govern themselves and keep their markets open to the world. They may never develop democracy as it exists here and that’s ok as long as they are stable and self sufficient. Many Iraqis respect what the US has done overall just as many Iranians do. Iraq needed regime change. Iran’s President is considered dangerous by many of their citizens but if he can be contained in just Iran the mid east may stabilize more. If he threatens Israel, hostilities will almost surely result. The big bad bully in the mid east is Iran not Israel or Palestine. As for brokering a peace between them the sad reality is it will almost surely be bloody. Palestinean children are being taught today that they are “occupied.”

    There are no simple linear solutions. The terrorists can win! It is reckless endangerment of our civilization to suggest otherwise. See what they did with money, cell phones, and civilians. What can they do with nukes?

  4. ptfan1

    FN You don’t seem to want Bush to succeed at anything. So just remember, his current and future failures are Americas. So its kind of like wanting the Seminoles to lose because of the coach (but yet staying a fan.) How does that work for ya? Curious. Nancy Pelosi has the same attitude, so the American people don’t even get a congressional vote on increased drilling although almost 70% say they want it. I don’t mean the actual drilling now just the frigging vote on it. All to make Bush LOOK bad. Hell he doesn’t need her help to do that. Mission hasn’t been accomplished but there’s plenty of blame to handed to both parties and the situation is serious now. I know the tire pressure gauge is kinda sorta working and there is a lot of wind about wind but we have an oil dependant manufacturing economy that we can not change overnight and the dems just kinda overlook that and blame the economy of the Reps. Maybe OWG and Anarchist have the right idea after all. Problem there is the guy can’t win so what’s the point? If I go to a casino I want at least a skosh of a chance that I might win something.

  5. eehard

    Of course we are not being told everything and I don’t rely strictly on the mainstream media for most of my information. That’s why one of my very first blogs was about the war being about keeping the american dollar as the oil trading currency. Iraq was no threat to us, who are we to decide the leaders of other countries? The end result is anywhere from 1-3 trillion dollars in debt. That may be how the terrorists are winning, by bankrupting this country. Iran’s president is just the mouthpiece of the theocracy.

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