A black Republican? Think about it.








Meredith Clark, a young and gifted associate editor of my hometown newspaper the Tallahassee Democrat wrote an interesting column today with the same headline of this blog. In her article she interviews a young black woman who identifies herself with the Republican Party.  This young woman is quoted as saying:  “It’s like you’re a racist or an Uncle Tom if you don’t support Barrack.”  My question is to whom or what group is this statement attributed to?  Ms. Prince cannot presume to know what any other individual is thinking at any given time.  I do not consider her to be a racist or an Uncle Tom because she supports McCain.  And furthermore, why should she have to qualify her reasons for voting for McCain?  In this country our vote is by a secret ballot.

Meredith, you then go on to say “that more blacks should research the party’s ideals and vote Republican – if for no other reason than to avoid the political eggs/basket disaster we too often find ourselves in when voting as a Democratic bloc.”    I beg your pardon?  Are you suggesting that blacks are lemmings?

And I find it insulting that you lump Frederick Douglas and Martin Luther King into this modern day Republican Party.  Most blacks were Republicans prior to the 1936 elections when blacks abandoned the party to support Roosevelt and the New Deal who was a Democrat. I would also venture to guess that Colin Powell is a closet Democrat.

And it is funny that you try to associate Republican Values with the principles of the Nguzo Saba.  Those are not principles that are solely Republican.  Those are fundamental human principles.  If you have the time or the will, I suggest you take the African Humanities class at FAMU taught by Dr. Derek Williams.  It will show you where democracy was born, not the democracy by proxy we have here in the United States but true participatory democracy.  The king of a tribe was powerless unless he had the support of the group of elders who had to have the support of the people.  Sorry to have gotten off topic.

Anyway, if you read the Republican Party platform you will see that it does not, as a woman, have your best interest in mind.  That is what Karl Marx called a false consciousness.  That’s why most blacks do not support the Republican Party.  It is not in our best interest to do so.


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  1. fakename2

    I always cringe when I see the words “the party of Abraham Lincoln”. Well, no, the modern Republican Party is assuredly not the party of Abraham Lincoln.
    Do you read Dave Barry? The Miami Herald has lost its mind again–first they let him “cover”, more or less, the Olympics in Beijing, then the Dem Convention, and now he’s at the Republican Convention. I’ve been laughing for weeks. He says that due to Hurricane Gustav, the Republicans had to tone down their message, which was originally scheduled to be “We’re Rich and You’re Not”.
    But Barry is an equal opportunity fun-poker. He points out that Obama and Biden have 40 years experience between them, unless you subtract Biden, and then you’re looking at 4.

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