1st Annual Tallahassee Democrat Blogging Awards!








Category:  Profile in Courage Award!

And the winner is Change4abetterworld.  Her dedication and tireless efforts to rid the blogosphere of cyber bullies is an effort we should all try to emulate.  It’s kind of hard to get a black eye from your monitor but keep fighting the good fight.  For your efforts you receive the E4BH anti bully logo!



Category:  Most Annoying Plagiarizer!

And the winner is Clockreader.  Every blog he/she has ever posted has been a cut and paste hatchet job defaming the character of Barack and Michelle Obama.  The only time this blogger has an original thought is when he/she tells someone to pull their finger.  For your brilliance in the art of cut and paste you receive the memorial 1deadrattler award!


Category:  Worst Newcomer or Reincarnated Blogger!

And the winner is 8675309!  His/Her blogs have won this award because it is so Traci Taylor formerly blogging as Molly Kagin.  His/Her cut and paste style is so new they are still trying to come up with a name for it.  For this always truthful and factual blog we award the Gandhi reincarnated prize!


Category:  Biggest Ass Kisser!

This was actually a non contested category with Kristihatescrocs being the unanimous choice.  Who could ever forget her famous comment “omg welchessourgrapes is God!” For her efforts she is awarded the Joe Lieberman Ass Kissing logo.


Category:  Most Blogs Containing the World Liberal as an Evil Metaphor!

The winner is hands down barackobamasux.  This blogger never met a Liberal that he believes should breath the same air as he does.  Word has it, he has converted his mother’s basement into a temple to all things Rush Limbaugh.  So barackobamasux receives our Pillsbury Dough Boy Rush Limbaugh Award.

With a tongue like that, what the hell does he need viagra for?

Category:  Lifetime Achievement Award in Blogs That Really Don’t Matter!

Repubtallygirl wins this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award in a runaway fashion.  Blogging deep in the woods of Wakulla County in her camouflaged single wide trailer on an ancient computer fashioned from an old black and white television set and her grand pappy’s gin still, she churns out blog after compelling blog.  NOT!  We honor her with her very own photo.


Thank you and good night.  We look forward to seeing you at our second annual TDO Blog Awards!



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5 responses to “1st Annual Tallahassee Democrat Blogging Awards!

  1. spencercourt

    Does “Change” get a fruitcake for her prize? LOL!

    Does “sux” get a carton of Oxycontin from Rush as his/her prize?

    I’d like to know whether the “Humanitarian” award will go to one blogger or a group for hounding ahomelessman off. He posted a “I give up” blog at about 6;15 PM today.

    Not sure clockreader is still there.

    Never seen “numbers.”

    Fakename and his blogs were the only reasons I visited TDO.

    So if Fakename leaves….

  2. eehard

    she probably bakes six or seven per day… sux may get a lifetime supply of viagra! homeless man was asked fair questions and if he quits then he quits. how can you write a blog while standing in line to get a free meal? fakename will probably post on tdo once in a while. she’s been banging out some good stuff today.

  3. fakename2

    Why thanks, guy pals. May I suggest another award? (You will have to come up with the pic, ee). “Worst disguise.” Leobonnano, who holds the #1 spot for most recommended blogs, is kristihatescrocs. See my post on the TDO entitled “Ick.”
    And what is that can that Repubtallygirl is holding in her hand, and I don’t mean the beer. Tell me it isn’t whipped cream.
    I think the awards should be monthly. Kind of like the Employee of the Month award, then at the end of the year, you can pick Employee of the Year and give them a nice Christmas bonus.

  4. eehard

    i don’t know what it is fakename, but she is probably going to huff a can of WD-40.

  5. change4abetterworld

    Lwhit told me you had given me an award.
    Just stopping in to say thanks for the honor.
    I really like your site!
    keep up the great work!
    An old TD blogging friend!

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