Troopergate in Wait!








When is an investigation not an investigation?  Apparently, the answer to that question is when you are running for Vice President of the United States of America as is the case with Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.  Which in and of its self is funny because I thought she wanted to be queen of an independent Alaska where everyone flies around in helicopters fucking the polar bears and shooting the big bad wolf.

For those of you who are saying what is Troopergate, it involves Governor Palin and her alleged attempts to have her ex-brother-in law Mike Wooten fired from his position as an Alaska State Trooper.  At the time, Wooten was involved in a custody dispute with Governor Pailin’s sister.  When Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan refused, he was dismissed from his position over what Palin claims was a budget dispute.  According to the Anchorage Daily News, when legislators started talking about an investigation back in June, Palin was quoted as saying:  “Hold me accountable!”  That’s in “Hold me accountable” before I became the Vice Presidential candidate.

What normally would be a legislative check on the executive branch has been transformed into a jurisdictional dispute.  Palin has retained a private attorney and the Pitbull in lipstick has filed an ethics complaint against herself.   By doing so, Palin hopes to take the investigation away from the legislature which could lead to impeachment and place it in the hands of the state personnel board.  The board would then be forced to hire an independent investigator.  Somebody please tell me that Kenneth Starr is dead or has a job he is happy with.

Where the politricks come in is that an independent investigation probably would not be completed by the general election on November 4, 2008.  “How convenient!” as the Church Lady used to say.  Hollis French who is the Alaskan Democratic senator in charge of the legislative probe would like to depose Palin by the end of this month .  That, however, is unlikely as the courts must decide who has jurisdiction.

As it stands, Sarah the reformer “I was for the bridge before I was against it” is being marketed as a wholesome hunting and fishing card carrying member of the NRA mom who can field dress a moose and bake cookies at the same time.  I say bullshit!  She can’t bake cookies and that’s why she shouldn’t be the next Vice President! 

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7 responses to “Troopergate in Wait!

  1. ptfan1

    Keep it coming baby no such thing as bad publicity. How do you know she can’t bake cookies? I bet she won her basketball games too. She is small town America come to washington. Like HST. Where is Capra when youi need him most?

  2. eehard

    All the way until election day! She can’t bake cookies because that is not manly enough to accomodate her testosterone level. In fact I heard her say: “Fuck baking cookies, I’m going to pilot a helicopter and shoot a wolf, that $150 will buy a lot of diapers!”

  3. MzCynic

    “By doing so, Palin hopes to take the investigation away from the legislature which could lead to impeachment and place it in the hands of the state personnel board.”

    This state personnel board is made up of 3 people, all appointed by the Governor, Sarah Palin, herself. Well, what do you know…

    Will wonders never cease and unicorns fly 🙂

  4. eehard

    I did not know that mzcynic, can you send me a link?

  5. MzCynic

    ee, just got your question. I’ll try to remember where I got information as I copied and pasted it.

  6. MzCynic

    This is link to 13-page legal ethics charge:

    In it, it states the 3-person state personnel board is appointed by the Governor. Is this what you are asking for?

  7. MzCynic

    The quote was taken from a Huffington report and I believe given by Democrat Sen. Hollis French.

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