Where is Sarah Palin?








Has anybody seen Sarah Palin lately?  I know that I have not seen her.  I wonder where she could be.  John McCain on Face the Nation today said that she’d be rolled out sometime next week.  Kind of like a new car model.  I bet that she is being sequestered at McCain Campaign Headquarters being injected with all of the Republican talking points and a crash course in foreign policy.  We already know of her professed love for Israel because of that small Israeli flag she keeps in one of her office windows.

I find it quite disturbing that the person that is a heartbeat away from the presidency is being kept out of the public view.  I want to know what her views are other than she is anti abortion and environment.  Oh!  Wait a minute, I posted a blog the other day pointing out that she doesn’t have any.  In fact, she didn’t know what the vice president did in the first place.

Since it is Sunday and I am watching football, it has taken me two hours to get to this point, it has been announced that Palin will give her first interview to Charlie Gibson of ABC News later this week in Alaska.  That means it will be at least 15 days since she was announced as the vice president candidate before she gives her first interview.  This shielding of Palin is only further evidence that she was not properly vetted in the first place.

And that again calls into John McCain’s judgment in selecting in what many Republicans are saying is the worst pick ever of a vice presidential candidate. For McCain’s sake she had better be a quick study.  When she is eventually exposed for the lightweight that she is, I personally, will enjoy watching her pull that wolf paw from out of her mouth!



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5 responses to “Where is Sarah Palin?

  1. fakename2

    You think the Republicans have some kind of machine that will sort of burn the answers into her brain? I’m thinking now of the movie “Total Recall”.
    Since she didn’t really know what the veep did, seems like she could have Just Said No.
    Between now and the election, she’ll be spitting out wolf paws and bear fur.
    But dang, isn’t she just a babe? (per that great political analyst and drug addict Rush Limbaugh.)

  2. eehard

    Lol…. he has probably downed a Viagra and a couple of Oxycodone pills that he is now asleep with his 13 year old Dominican boy lover. I’m about to shake up the world Fake!

  3. ptfan1

    Govenor Palin has a State to run Gov Sarah Palin has Natioal security briefings because one unit of the Alaska National Guard, where she is COMMANDER IN CHIEF, is in charge of a Patriot Missle Battery.

    Lol not giving speeches in Berlin

    49th Missile Defense Batallion, Alaska Air National Guard

  4. eehard

    I’ll get back to you on this one!

  5. ptfan1

    “Ich bin ein Messiah!” She is a Governor, commander in chief, Mom, truly born in the USA. She has galvanized both parties like no other VP candidate in recent memory.

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