New You Can’t Use! Edition 5.








One of the features of my lawnmower is an automatic water spout.  The idea is to hook up your garden hose, turn on the hose, start the mower and let it run for two minutes.  Then you are to disconnect the hose and run the mower for an additional two minutes to dry the undercarriage to prevent rust.  I sure as hell don’t want to waste gasoline and who knows how many gallons of water but since it’s there I am going to use it.  Wasted gas and water be damned!

I’ve been following the McPalin ticket on the stump!  Seems like it should be the PalinMc ticket!  Every time poor old Johnny Boy starts to speak the crowds break into chants of Sarah, Sarah, Sarah…  And I learned that her husband drove a snowmobile 2000 miles in minus forty degree weather no doubt trampling over every species of wildlife that got in his way.  In Alaska he is known as the “First Dude.”  Could a Palin ever accept being the “Second Dude?”

Hypocrisy Alert!  The Palin’s announced that their son Tron, Truck , Trick or Treat, or Targ was joining the army.  And that he was going to be deployed to Iraq.  We can all talk about that and heap praise on the Palins for being so patriotic.  But we are supposed to keep mum and respect the family’s privacy over their girl gone wild daughter Bristol?  These photos explain why Bristol is knocked up with a bunny in the oven.  So much for abstinence only education.  And way to instill those Christian values in her!












 And last but not least my weekly 527 attack add on the McCain campaign.  See you next week!

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One response to “New You Can’t Use! Edition 5.

  1. spencercourt

    Sarah admitted to inhaling? But didn’t like it? Hmmph!

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