Return of the TDO Trolls!









Any wonder why the intelligent bloggers have moved on?  Look at some of the comments from our TDO trolls. Note! I still occasionally Post on TDO as a tease. I like to use language that the TDO filters won’t allow.  Bless their peanut sized brains!


anndonmason wrote:

Wow. YOu sure do have a following of losers! Wolfvanette, thanks you for “doing so much research” when all you did is type something in google, and even then you couldnt even find the fund’s website? wtf, moron. then she says she feels “violate” because someone knows her address? would you please take your s.h.i.t.t.y morons with you and get off this site, and leave the real thinking to Republican women?

MGPTHOC wrote:

It must be nice to be 45 and still going to school to learn to learn of school. Are you paying for any of it? Or just sitting around making comments and looking for handouts?


luvthebeachesfl wrote:

Why don’t you just leave this site, then? The problem isn’t the Democrat editors. They have their hands full with idiots on this site, and they actually do a fantastic job of balancing left and right wing kooks.The problem is you. Your posts are in fact full of hatred, and distortions, and they don’t add anything meaningful to any discussion here. You’re like eehard – you’re both a cancer on this site, and despite everyone’s attempts to gently let you know you’re not wanted here, you keep returning. Like a polyp.
If the editors are so horrible, why don’t you follow eehard to his site, where he’s literally disappeared? He can’t generate a reader because he, too, writes nonsense not worth reading. I don’t have many brain cells, I admit, and I don’t want to kill the ones I have reading your filth.
So go. Go to wordpress.whatever, and take eehard (please), anarchist, oldwhiteguy, brokenbrain and all the others who do nothing but spread false information and then attack the editors like Mr. Gabordi, who are probably sick and tired of allowing ANYONE to blog.

Go. Be gone. Don’t post another thing here



Thank you. And I’m still going to have your baby. And if I can’t, I will just meet homelessguy, have his baby, and name it Fakename Mason. In your honour!!!!
leobonnano wrote:
It would be hard to imagine a blogger more pathetic. Then again, you’re not much different than the stadium full of racists supporting the least-qualified con artist in history.

You might well get the president you’re asking for – a white-hating, hate-filled monster whose real agenda isn’t known by anyone. Hitler filled stadiums, too, if that’s what you think makes for a good president. You might well have voted for Hitler, had you been alive. Given your posts, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Few of the racist Democratic candidates supporters have ever been able to name any of his accomplishments. That doesn’t by itself make them stupid, although most appear to be, but the truth is that there is very little the racist has accomplished. Not much to name.

leobonnano’s comment has been removed for violating the terms of service.
PeeOde wrote:
Your right abetterexample he is a sad loser and his love life with old lady jackster well has Harold and Maude written all over it. Perhaps she can teach him a thing or two in bed! Tuck it back sonny!
I’m going to join the ranks of those who criticize you.

Stop the “bumper sticker” philosophy lessons. We don’t need them. I’m referring to the Gloria Gaynor-style “I Can Survive!….I can…make it on my own!!!!! I’m sooooo…….aliveeeee!!!!!” ranting. Get a job. Stop blogging. You have no business being on here. If you can write as well as you do, go get a job and stop being a self-pitying bum. THERE ARE PEOPLE IN THE WORKFORCE WHO CAN NEITHER READ NOR WRITE, WHO HAVE PSYCHIATRIC PROBLEMS, WHOSE FAMILIES ARE BROKEN, WHO HAVE DRUG AND ALCOHOL PROBLEMS, AND YET THEY WORK. You have no excuse whatsoever for being unemployed.

Those two bloggers you mentioned are phonies. You don’t know them from Adam, no more than you know any actor on a TV show. They’re screen names. You can’t use functionally fictitious screen name characters as role models.

Quit talking. Start doing.



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11 responses to “Return of the TDO Trolls!

  1. spencercourt

    luvthebeaches is a beech!

  2. eehard

    LOL! I couldn’t agree with you more!

  3. spencercourt

    Here’s a refrain for the “Troll Song”, sung to the tune for “Happy Trails”

    Nasty trolls for you
    Until they get canned again
    Nasty trolls for you
    Will TDO get a clue?

    Nasty trolls for you
    Until they morph again
    Nasty trolls for you
    we know they’re full of it

    You can fill in the rest of the lyrics…lol!

  4. oldwhiteguy

    Hey, I made luvthebeachesfl/kristihateseverything/BrowningMarkII’s hate list. Gosh, I somehow feel that I have arrived, and I don’t even blog!

    BTW, does anyone have a clue as to how many new aliases deadrat is up to now, including Tamikawashington? I can remember a couple; Perceival, Buckwheat4ever, wadsupwidat, in addition to deadrat, but that’s about it. I am pretty sure that there were at least four or five others.

  5. eehard

    Hello OWG, nice to hear from you. It is getting insane on TDO. I don’t know why I am so pulled to the site. I guess it’s hard to completely leave where you got started.

  6. spencercourt

    How do you figure out who’s reincarnated as whom? By writing style? Since I don’t read troll blogs, I never learn their “style.”

    And OWG, just what did you do or say to make that hate list?
    Leave a sensible comment? LOL!

  7. oldwhiteguy

    Anarchist, It’s pretty much the writing style, or lack of. Deadrat’s overused “ebonics” is always a giveaway, as nobody else writes like that. Kristi/browningmarkII/etc is a terrible writer with no grammar or writing skills, and usually ends up resorting to using insults rather than substance.

    Thanks for the compliment, but I really don’t know why I made that hate list. I do try to post sensibly, and tend to not really take sides in political debates since I am a Libertarian. Generally, I do get along with the more sensible liberal and conservative bloggers. I think that it’s probably because I am on friendly terms with Nick. 🙂

    Nick, I know what you mean about the insanity at TD, and I can’t seem to keep away either. It’s like a bad accident; you can’t help but look!

  8. spencercourt

    OWG…are you active with the local Libertarians? I’m a Libertarian for “practicality’ while I await the Anarchist coming…lol!

  9. oldwhiteguy

    Anarchist, I don’t really have time to get too involved with groups these days, but one day I hope to be able to be more involved in the political process.

    Interesting comment you made. My own views seem to be Libertarian bordering on anarchy, according to a recent political quiz I took. I am not sure of the validity of the test, but it is apparently used in Political Science classes nowadays.


    How did you forget your BFF, deadvibrator?? Has he nor made any comments to you of late??? He or should I say IT will be disappointed to not make the list.

  11. fakename2

    I wondered why you didn’t use the even more vulgar and offensive post on my blog that she made…then I looked, and it was gone! About damn time.

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