Who Won The Debate?








Everybody loves a good debate.  Who do you think won?  How would you rate Obama’s and McCain’s performance?  Results will be announced on Monday.


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6 responses to “Who Won The Debate?

  1. fakename2

    McCain did a whole lot better than I expected, so I gave him an “average”. As David Brooks said on NPR, the debate really isn’t about issues, it’s about demeanor. And McCain’s demeanor was inferior to Obama’s, in my opinion. Plus, he just can’t escape who he is and what he’s done.

  2. eehard

    I agree that McCain did better than expected but he stuck to his talking points and did not engage Obama at all. Funny thing how Biden came out after the debate and instead of Palin, Mayor 9/11 came out for McCain.

  3. fakename2

    Oh, I missed that! All I saw were the wives coming onstage. Perhaps that was the point where my brain was turning into a peach.

  4. eehard

    I meant to say on the news shows.

  5. MzCynic

    McCain never looked at Obama. I don’t know who he was looking at in the audience (maybe Cindy Lou), but he would grin that scary grin of his and never look at Obama. Another poster on tdo noticed this, also.

    I personally think it was his way of not losing his temper. Obama, in the next debate, should somehow make McCain look at him to answer a question or questions.

    One time. McCain made a very stupid face on camera, all squinched (sp?) up with his head tilted to one side. I wish someone could get a YouTube picture of that to pass around. Is that the picture of POTUS?

    I didn’t think Obama went after McCain with enough fire in his belly. I want to see McCain lose it and it wouldn’t take much.

  6. eehard

    LOL. All I want to see is that he is too old and not qualified to be POTUS

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