Rachel Hoffman Redux!









This blog was originally posted on Tallahassee.Com on August 4, 2008.  I just wanted to air some new feelings regarding recent events.  I read Police Chief Dennis M. Jones’s piece “TPD takes lessons from death of Hoffman in today’s Democrat and I come away even angrier than I was when I first wrote this.

I am appalled that his faux concern was given a space on the front page of the local section.  This is in light of yesterday’s paper revealing that of all the sorry officers involved in this farce of an operation only one officer lost his job.  I reiterate my earlier call that all officers involved with the sting operation be fired and be charged with criminal negligence.  “I am sorry” doesn’t work for me and it sure as hell is not doing Rachel Hoffman any good in the search for justice.

Tragically, this young woman will never get the chance to turn her life around.  She will never know the joy of becoming a parent.  She will not grow old.  She is dead!  And I place the blame squarely on the Tallahassee Police Department.  And I did not need a damn Grand Jury investigation to come to this conclusion.  To borrow a line from my favorite movie Full Metal Jacket, Joker comments that “The dead only know one thing. And that is, it is better to be alive.”  That’s all Rachel Hoffman knows now.

I am not anti-police, they serve a purpose but I am not in the pro column either.  In my lifetime I have come across my share of Goons with badges.  And I consider every sworn officer in the chain of command that had knowledge of the sting operation to be a Goon.  Along with the two men currently being held at the jail for her murder, so should each of the officers involved be.  Not with the charges of murder and kidnapping mind you, but whatever statute that governs being complicit in her death and operating on a level of stupidity that is an insult to the truly stupid people out there.

Was the TPD that desperate for a headline that they would risk the life of a woman who had no clue about what she was getting herself into?  Is a person’s life worth a mere $13,000?  Ms. Hoffman obviously made some bad choices when she deviated from the plan but I contend that she should have never been put into that position in the first place.  I really don’t want to interject race into this but as a black man, if I were approached by a young white woman wanting to purchase what TPD wanted I would have known that something foul was going down.  I’ve lived in Washington, DC, Newark, NJ, and in the Bronx to understand police procedure.  She should have never been out of the “Jump out Squad’s” line of site at anytime.

I hope that Al Lawson is successful in securing compensation for Hoffman’s family.  Otherwise, a civil lawsuit can do tremendous damage to this city.  A word of caution to anyone thinking about attending the upcoming TPD’s annual night out event; they just might be recruiting for confidential informants.  


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  1. SallyFish

    Dear Nick. I couldn’t agree with you more. I grew up in an Italian neighborhood in Brooklyn in the 60’s and 70’s,where there was a lot’s of dealing.If a Jewish “Hippie Chick” would have showed up with loads of cash looking to buy serious weight-say,back in those days,1000 Qualuudes and a pistol-it would have took the “cumpahs” 1/2 second to figure out something wasn’t “kosher”. When hippie girls did show up to cop,it was usually weed – $10-20 worth,called “dime bags” or “lids” back then.If some hippie girl was actually naive enough to REALLY show up with say $1000 cash,she probably would have been set up and robbed,and with any amount of luck ,would have gotten only a black eye or two.The TPD sending Rachel on this mission is like sending Snow White to do a deal with the Corleone Family. TPD Chief Jones is so full of it-first,he calls Rachel a criminal and refuses to apologize for her death on the 20/20 show.Then,when public reaction pushed him,he apologizes. The TPD then brings “spokesperson” McCranie to say what a great person Rachel was while unsucessfully hiding that stupid smirk on his lying face and still blaming Rachel for her death on account of her not following the plan.She should not have been there to begin with.The TPD did not inform,as required by law,Rachel’s lawyer,and the State Attorney to get clearance to use Rachel as an informant.Of course,if the TPD had done this,they would have been denied permission,so they “forgot”,I assume.The “Tallahassee Democrat” is a pathetic excuse for a newspaper that will always parrot whatever the TPD says. I agree with you that all the “goons” involved in the Keystone Kop TPD should be charged with negligence,or at least be fired. The last I heard is that the one cop who was fired is suing to get his job back. As the first anniversary of Rachels murder(thanks TPD) approaches, I urge everyone ,who like you and me ,are appalled by this case to do everything possible to keep this in the Media,so that it dooesn’t get swept under the rug ,thus allowing the TPD clowns to get away with MURDER.It’s the least we can do for Rachel.Thanks Nick,for putting up with my rant and blogging about Rachel,may she RIP. SAL

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