The Insurgency is in its Last Throes!








The insurgency, being the McCain Campaign, is in its last throes(see Michigan).  As more and more states are trending towards Obama, McCain is beginning to do what Republicans normally do.  They go from being mean to being nasty.  Well McCain has jumped over nasty and went straight to evil.  The ads that he has running on television are outright lies and distortions.  And since I am now the self appointed bovine excreta guy I have to give him the highest ranking on my bullshit meter!


In his latest ad McCain claims that Obama will paint the White House black, convert the rose garden into a watermelon patch, fire the White House kitchen staff and convert it into a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet.  In a similar ad McCain criticized Obama for wanting to appoint Popeye the Sailor as the Secretary of Defense and planned to invade the country of Waziristan to capture the long disposed Ugandan strongman Idi Amin.

If you look to the right, under my blogroll you will see a link to the electoral map.  You can go there and see how all of the major news organizations are projecting the different states.  It is interactive and allows you to play around with it. You can also make a prediction.  If you are a history buff it will show you the final electoral results going back to the 1932 presidential race.  You have to zoom out to see Hawaii and Alaska.

I tried to incorporate it into a blog but wordpress won’t accept html.



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