Some More Musings on the Debate!








Having another day to ponder the debate I no longer think that the loser of the debate was Sarah Palin or Joe Biden.  The real loser was the moderator Gwen Ifill.  I think that she was rendered impotent by the reports of her upcoming book about black politicians.  One chapter which is dedicated to Barak Obama gave the McCain Campaign a decisive advantage.

Once her book became public knowledge it constrained her ability to reign in the renegade Palin lest she be seen as favoring Biden and by extension Obama.  And believe me; Palin took full advantage of it.  When two parties agree to a set of rules, generally both sides follow to keep the tone of the debate flowing freely.  I have never seen a debate where one of the participants told the moderator that she was not going to answer the question asked and go back to a previous topic that had been closed.

Palin further exacerbated things with her silly antics.  Her repeated winks, what was up with that?  Did she somehow think that see could seduce the crowd and the millions of viewers who watched.  Her oft repeated remarks about Alaska and what she did there was enough to make anyone in the lower forty-eight nauseas.  Like McCain she played straight to the camera when spewing out her talking points.  I was able to feel just how shallow and uninformed she really is.  Trying to win Miss Congeniality is better suited to a beauty pageant.

How clever of the McCain Campaign to make something out of nothing.  Gwen Ifill is one of the most respected and neutral journalist on television today.  By pointing out the upcoming book,  which won’t be published until after the election, it effectively kept Ifill from controlling the debate as a moderator should.  Score one for the McCain Campaign.  However, this trick has come a little too late to save his sinking campaign.


You still have time to vote on who won the debate!


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2 responses to “Some More Musings on the Debate!

  1. fakename2

    What about the shoes?
    I saw a comment somewhere (I think on Mudflats’ blog) suggesting there should be an independent panel that stops the debate as soon as one of the participants gets off topic. If that had happened, Palin would have had about two minutes of airtime.

  2. fakename2

    Also (Palin’s favorite word) my blog about the shoes was intended as a joke–it has about as much substance as Palin herself.

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