The 1st Annual and Second Month TDO Blog Awards!








For amusement purposes only.

Category:  Haters

I feel especially honored this evening as I have my own personal hater “shutupblowhard!”  If I am pissing someone off than I am doing my job as a blogger.  Obviously this blogger is the illegitimate grandson with the combined DNA of the three stooges and Betty Boop!  If this person had an original thought it would cause the second Big Bang and we’d all be sucked into a new black hole.  Please keep stupid for all of our sakes.  You are awarded the hater’s official pin.

  Category:  Close to Hating

While PeeOde doesn’t officially hate on Fakename, he is pretty damn close.  Fakename can’t write a blog without PeeOde telling her to get off her high horse.  Just for the record PeeOde, Fakename doesn’t ride horses but she swats gnats like you like flies pile on shit. And anybody that needs an F-14 avatar obviously has latent homosexual tendencies.  Keep at it and you too just might become an official hater.  Because you came up just short you get the junior hater’s pin.

Category:  I Think That I am a Tough Guy

This was a close race between PeeOde and the FactChecker.  However, FactChecker narrowly won as his Chuck Norris avatar put him over the top.  Anybody who idolizes Walker the Texas Ranger is a complete loser in my book.  Everybody that has nothing to say and hides behind a tough guy has something to hide.  I have a pretty good idea of what it is.  Can you say closet…  For your constantly stupid blogs you are awarded the Tinky Winky statue of gay pride.

Category:  I Still Think That What I Have to Say is Relevant

8657309 sounds like a really bad 80’s song.  In fact if you go to VH1 like at 4:30 in the morning, you just might hear it.  I may or may not be a few digits off but this asshole should have his/her computer confiscated and sent to Farmboy’s reeducation camp for non-believers.  Every time I read a post from this idiot I go lay down in traffic and hope to be run over by a Tal-Tran bus.  Unfortunately they are never on schedule and I only get a few bumps and bruises from being run over by couple of taxi cabs. For being a dumbass you get a replica old ass phone pin. 

Category:  A Clock That Doesn’t Tell the Time or the Truth

Clockreader is the biggest fucking moron on the planet.  This imbecile would have you believe that the earth if flat and that the sun revolves around us.  This loser posts shit that even the National Enquirer, The Star, and The Globe deem to be extreme.  My two best friends, Big Foot and Yeti cringe whenever they read one his posts.  Because this blogger doesn’t have a clue or know what time it is he is awarded the brokenclock avatar.  May that brilliant and funny blogger rest in peace.

Category:  Shut the Fuck Up, Unplug Your Computer, and Go Mop a Boston Market Restaurant Floor

The winner is anndonmason.  I am at a loss for words here.  No, not really.  Ann, shut the fuck up, unplug your computer, and go mop the floor at a Boston Market restaurant.  I don’t know what to say about you except that you are dumber than a brick!  And quite frankly, that is an insult to a birck.  Please do me a favor, blow up a rubber raft and sit in it and wait for the next hurricane to blow through.  You blog like how old people fuck!  Nobody wants to see it or let alone, imagine it.  Because you hate Boston Market, you win the coveted Boston Market logo.



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5 responses to “The 1st Annual and Second Month TDO Blog Awards!

  1. fakename2

    Rofl. Soon you will have people competing for these awards…oh wait, it looks like they already are.

  2. eehard

    For sure, notice how the conservatives have no sense of humor?

  3. spencercourt

    Sung to tune of Home on the Range:

    We’ve found us a spot, where no idiots flock
    and the blogs are so sane every day;

    Where seldom is found, a moronic troll’s words
    and the comments have sense and aren’t turds;

    Home, home at wordpress
    where the blogs read as good as they should;
    No need to slog through the TDO bog
    And suffer the fools in a fog.

  4. eehard

    LOL! They really don’t have a clue!

  5. fakename2

    Poetry! Who knew you had even more talents, Anarchist 🙂

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