The Nasty Season of Politics!








With our country facing the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression, John McCain has abandoned all hope of campaigning on the economy.  This past weekend one of McCain’s top advisers said that they cannot win on the economy and instead would use personal attacks on Obama.  This sentiment was reinforced this morning when a top campaign aide told a New York newspaper essentially the same thing. 

The mere fact that McCain is switching tactics at this late juncture speaks volumes about his dwindling chances of being elected and his character.  Obama is changing the political map.  Iowa, Michigan, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire are all breaking towards Obama.  Florida, Colorado, Nevada, Indiana, Virginia, North Carolina, and Ohio are all toss up states at this point with Obama leading slightly in most of these states.  There’s even talk that Nebraska could go into the toss up pool of states.

Out on the campaign trail today, Sarah the moose killing Palin tried to tie Obama to William Ayers, a former member of the Weathermen who bombed the capitol and the pentagon killing no one.  The two served on a charitable board of directors and were never close according to the New York Times.  What is lost in the translation is that Obama was only eight years old when the bombings took place.  Not to be outdone by his running mate, McCain screamed at the top of his lungs that he suspended his campaign while continuing to campaign to return to Washington to help with the financial crisis.

Under McCain’s supposed leadership, the Republicans voted against the bill and members of Congress told him to get out of Washington and go back to the campaign trail.  Here is the nominal head of his party and even he could not persuade his caucus to support the rescue plan or the bailout as it was formally known.  If not for the meeting called by President Bush, McCain would have been seen as a fool.  Reports from the meeting said that McCain said nothing and that Obama spoke for the Democrats as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid deferred to him.

In the last few weeks of the campaign, look for McCain to throw the kitchen sink at Obama.  Don’t buy into it.  They say that the way to win an election is to not over estimate the intelligence of the American public.  But during this election cycle, the intelligence of the American public will not be fooled!

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  1. It gives me such hope that more and more blogs tagged ‘politics’ mirror how the majority of what me and my friends feel. For McCain — I wish him insight so that he could SEE.

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