Big Johnny McCain!








For amusement purposes only!

Breaking News….

With presidential hopeful Barack Obama picking up endorsement after endorsement John McCain is looking to secure any meaningful endorsement he can.  After being rejected by the AARP for being ancient instead of old, McCain crashed the convention of the Gay & Lesbian Task Force in full gay attire. He gouged out the eyes of emcee Mary Ann Lesbos and grabbed the microphone according to cub reporter C4BH.


He went on to say “Listen up my gay & lesbian friends, I’m Big Johnny McCain and I want to be your first gay president.  Barack Obama will take away your right to be gay and redistribute your gayness to all of the gay hating evangelical republicans. Furthermore my fa* er gay friends, I promise to marry each and every one of you as Commander of Fairies.”

At this point recently released convicts turned security guards Ace and Bubba Love tackled McCain and began to escort him from the building.  Bubba Love was heard to say “We are going to use you like a woman!”  To which McCain replied “Bring it on, I can take it like a man!”

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