I Voted Early And Found No Joy In It!








Today I fulfilled my civic duty and voted early.  I went to Woodville to vote as I didn’t feel like searching for a parking space and dealing with the long lines at the courthouse.  You’d think that this would have made me happy, but it didn’t.  I was concerned about the long lines that would await me if I had waited and voted at my normal precinct on November 4, 2008.  Then it struck me that, it was precisely that that made voting fun.

I believe that voters have particular patterns that they follow each election cycle.  I always vote as soon as the polls open and I always see the same motley crew and we share a few laughs and some good natured ribbing with each other.  I will not get to see them this year or the poll workers who always kid me that I will vote Republican.  Many of my local precinct workers always ask about my family and how they are doing.  When I voted today I did not know a single poll worker.

There are strict rules that must be followed when you go to vote but there is a certain camaraderie that has built up over the year’s like that old television show “cheers” where everybody knows your name.  In the most important election that will probably occur in my lifetime, I went to Woodville. In doing so I made my day on November 4 a little bit easier.

But what I also did was to take the fun out of the voting process.   For that I am truly sorry.  Not so much for me completing the political process but for missing out on the renewing of long standing relationships.  You know the kind, where you can look back at your neighbor behind you and say:  “You’re mother is so old, she went to Pre-K with McCain…!”



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6 responses to “I Voted Early And Found No Joy In It!

  1. fakename2

    I’ve never thought of voting as a festive occasion, but now I see how it could be. Reading this made me feel a little wistful. I’ve never voted where I knew a single person in line or any of the poll workers.
    I voted the same day you did…at the Courthouse. What is nice about that is always seeing Ion Sancho (for you non-Tallahasseans out there, he’s our Supervisor of Elections) out there meeting and greeting and thanking everyone for coming out to vote.

  2. eehard

    C’mon Fakename! You know how jovial us Coloreds can be! :-p

  3. fakename2

    Oh yeah…do they serve food at your regular precinct? Because don’t I recall someone making a comment (E4BH maybe) about how You People like to eat?

  4. spencercourt

    I’m gonna try voting at the Courthouse Sunday…I zaw the IHOP on N. Monroe is open, so I’ll take Susie there for breakfast before or after we vote. IHOP offers 20% AARP discount! Yee-ha!

    > comment (E4BH maybe) about how You People like to eat? <

    Yeah, it may very well have been her; she made a comment to me about how Asians are supposed to be smart. How white of her….

    Speaking of eating…Filipinos love to eat! And Filipino food is the topic of Sunday’s blog! But don’t read it on an empty stomach…

  5. fakename2

    I don’t think the polls are open today…but happy breakfast anyway.

  6. spencercourt

    The IHOP was swarmed..probably because of the home game and Parents weekend. So we passed iy up in favor of lunch a Moe’s. I had a “buy one get one”…I rarely pay full price – lol!

    Polls were open. Got there about 10:30 and there was a huge line! It took us about 45 minutes to get through the line and vote!

    That kind of turnout, if repeated across the state, bodes ill for Mccain….

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