Meet the Press Badly!








Sunday, while watching Meet the Press I watched a man who would be president, thoroughly embarrass himself.  John McCain could not answer one of Tom Brokaw’s relatively softball questions without resorting to fall back on his campaign’s talking points.  And he struggled with those as well.  It was quite shocking that McCain became dumbfounded when he could not remember the names of the former secretaries of state that endorse him.  I also found him to be agitated and somewhat combative.

Monday – I have noticed two different tones emanating from the two campaigns.  Obama is calm, cool, and collected.  At his campaign rallies whenever some members of the crowd start to boo McCain, he is quick to point out that we don’t need any of that.  What we need is your vote he espouses.  Conversely, at McCain and Palin rallies they use such inflammatory language that they let the boos and anti-Obama comments go unchecked.  Just today it was announced that that a planned attempt on Obama’s life was foiled by one of the alphabet agencies of the U.S. Government.

What is painfully obvious is that McCain; a man that I was once respected, has been reduced to the type of man that he so vigorously derided during the 2000 presidential campaign.  It’s no wonder Sarah Palin has abandoned ship and gone renegade.  She is clearly positioning herself for a run in 2012.  Unfortunately for her, a run for the presidency would further expose her as the intellectually incurious champion on a par with our current dumbass Commander in Grief. 

The ultimate failure of McCain’s run for the presidency, which I believe was his for the taking until the economy collapsed, was selecting Palin as his running mate and going negative.  In a man whose ambition was to eclipse the greatness of his father and his grandfather has come up short because the ambition of the son was not equal to the abilities of his forbearers…


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