Osama bin-Laden Shocker!









In a daring attempt to salvage the 2008 election the McCain Campaign airlifted Sarah Palin into the mountainous regions along the Afghanistan/Pakistan border to find, capture, or kill Osama bin-Laden like he was an Alaskan moose.  Unfortunately for Palin, Allah intervened and converted her to Islam.

Al Jazeera has reported that Osama bin-Laden has taken Sarah Palin as his fifth wife.  In a statement that the Associated Mess has been unable to confirm, Palin said “The First Dude was okay but Osama is much maverickier! You know?  Like riding a snowmobile is way cool and such, but Osama lives in a cave, a real cave, unlike the Batcave and stuff.  And I can see Waziristan from the entrance of our cave!  You betcha!”

While all of this was going on, Allah’s older brother God was in human form playing skeeball somewhere in New Jersey wearing a McCain/Palin tee shirt.  When the word got to God what Allah had done to his most loyal subject, he immediately returned to Heaven forgetting to cash in his tickets for a pair of Chinese handcuffs. 

Citing older deity privilege, God left Heaven and went into Paradise where He gave Allah a real good talking to!  God then converted Palin back into his most loyal Christian warrior and annulled her marriage to bin-Laden.  Realizing that she was once again a Christian hating Muslim hockey mom; she unsheathed her K Bar slitting Osama’s throat and field dressed him in under ten minutes.

Kahless the Unforgettable, God of the Klingon Empire was so impressed He awarded her with honorary citizenship in the Klingon Empire!  When we tried to conact Mr. Worf for a comment, His spokesman replied that “Mr. Worf is on a prune juice binge and was unavailable for comment!”


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