al Qaeda Endorsed McCain!









I read somewhere the other day that al Qaeda was actually endorsing John McCain for president believe it or not.  The premise was that McCain would continue Bush’s occupation of Iraq and the war in Afghanistan thus keeping the terrorists organization with a long and steady flow of recruits willing to blow themselves up to go see Allah and get their freak on with 72 virgins.  I myself would prefer 72 whores who knew what they were doing.  But that’s just me.

With Obama’s plan to drawdown the troops, a recruit might be more inclined to wait it out and get his pussy here on earth.  “You get the fuck out, I get the girl” is a much more preferable option than one of our troops catching an IED in his six. 

By endorsing McCain and there were some threats posted on some of the jihadist websites that never materialized, the terrorists hoped to exhaust the military and the treasury while we are in the midst of a financial crisis.  Fortunately, the whack jobs were unable to deliver, which on some level is an indicator that they don’t have the ability to carry out the rumored attacks.

The real beneficiary of our continued presence in the Middle East is Iran as we continue to spend $10 billion a month in the region.  I’ve seen reports but can’t remember the name of the book, that Iran is halfway through its plan to help bankrupt America.  Like Iraq before, Iran has stopped using the Dollar as its oil trading currency, instead opting for the Euro that sealed Saddam’s fate.  Iran has been unable to convince the Saudis from doing it also but the Saudis are nothing more than our lap dogs who like to fly our F-15 and F-16 fighter jets.

When I initially wrote about the Euro being the real reason we went to war with Iraq I was called a cook and a conspiracy theory whack job.  But guess what?  We are now in Iraq and guess what currency is being used to trade that commodity?  I’ve already got my countdown clock running to see how long it is before we let the Israelis do our dirty work. 

This is the kind of shit that happens when you refuse to negotiate.  I am glad that we now have a president who will act like a president is supposed to act instead of that twisted emperor with no clothes on that currently resides in the people mansion!  Change the world Obama!  I‘ve got your back!




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2 responses to “al Qaeda Endorsed McCain!

  1. spencercourt

    > how long it is before we let the Israelis do our dirty work. <

    You mean, “again”, right? Because that is why we support Israel so much; it is our goon in that region. Otherwise, since we seem so concerned about non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, we should have come down on Israel long ago for it’s nuclear weapons program.

    This is typical U.S. hypocrisy in foreign policy; one standard for “allies” and another for “enemies.” Except that in politics, your friend today is your enemy tomorrow.

    Exhibit 1: Osama bin laden, a “freedom fighter” when he killed Soviets, a “terrorist” when he killed Americans. He’s one or the other, and I don’t care which you pick as long as you’re consistent.

  2. eehard

    Good point Anarchist. The only point that I think I have ever agreed with Pat Buchanan is that Capitol Hill is Israeli occupied territory.

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