Blaming Sarah Palin!










The blame game has begun and it is not pretty.  When Fox News starts trashing Republicans you have to agree that it is credible concerning the fact that they make their living off of trashing Democrats. When any campaign crashes and burns the finger pointing starts immediately.  I am thankful that this woman did not become the vice president.



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3 responses to “Blaming Sarah Palin!

  1. pat

    WE are to Blame

    Don’t get me wrong – Palin was a disaster in waiting. And obviously Palin was used by the campaign.

    All that Sarah Palin IS guilty of is that she allowed herself to be used. Clearly, she didn’t have the understanding that moving to the Big Leagues was going to be different than running for Mayor or even for Governor of an insulated, small population state.

    There are a lot of people out there who get by with flash over substance – sizzle over steak. (Paris Hilton anyone?) Unfortunately, a run for President will examine and magnify and distort every possible flaw a person has and even those they don’t have … and Sarah either didn’t consider that or actually believed that she was qualified (I would bet on the latter). She had stars in her eyes. It’s sad to see what is now happening, but it is also so very predictable given how our society falls for the cult of “celebrity”.

    I had a boss who told me that “perception is reality” as he “reworked” (ie: lied about) the unpopular profit projections to send to head office.

    So who is ultimately responsible? WE ARE. We are a society that encourages hubris and overreaching. We egg them on to reach the top and then we gather with stones in our hands to knock them down when they get there.

    Sarah will be fine … she believes in her own PR. That’s the really frightening thing.

  2. eehard

    The really frightening thing that is Ted Stevens is expelled from the Senate, providing he wins, is that she may appoint herself as a senator. Thanks for the remarks.

  3. ptfan1

    “Unfortunately, a run for President will examine and magnify and distort every possible flaw a person has and even those they don’t have”

    Uh…. no total Bull……… the MSM didn’t slander and malign or even examine the left ……….only the right……..and they had to be careful with war hero McCain so the full force and furry was used on Palin.

    “Hubris”???? talk about Hubris lol.

    Guys the elction is over I thought we would now focus on substance and not rhetoric. In a few weeks Obama must actually start doing something, lets hope he is able to capitalize on his unprecedented free ride and acomplish something positive. But one thing is certain the MSM can not attribute his success or failure to Sarah Palin.

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