Church Acusses Obama of Being a Muslim! Still!









“Religion is the opiate of the masses!” – Karl Marx

I personally have no use for religion other than to study why reasonably intelligent people gravitate to it.  My early conclusion is that the phenomena is closely correlated with our fear of death and the unknown.  I still have a ways to go in my studies but I could not let this pass to offer a comment.

Bastard Holick, er Pastor Holick is a dumbass!  Anyone who follows this man is even a bigger dumbass!  Anyone who challenges what I just said is the dumbest dumbass to the highest level of dumbassity!

There it is, short and sweet!



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3 responses to “Church Acusses Obama of Being a Muslim! Still!

  1. Milly

    Organized religion is a way to control the masses – it’s a control mechanism. Think about it…

  2. fakename2

    I’ll wade in! As a once-upon-a-time major in anthropology, it’s my observation that religion of one kind or another is universal. I’m not convinced that means there is a “God” or “gods”, merely that it is a universal longing of human beings. Nor am I immune. One of my philosophy professors once said (and I believe he was quoting someone else), “The worst thing that can happen is that you lose your religion while not losing your need for it.” That pretty much sums up the story of my life. I’d like to believe…I just can’t.
    Meanwhile, as for controlling the masses, in its less extreme forms, religion does serve the purpose of providing a framework for conduct. It probably deters many people with sociopathic tendencies from giving full vent to them, since they may believe that even if they get away with it in this life, there is another judgement coming.

  3. Hi Nick! I feel your pain. I think we’ve lost sight of our spiritual side and in too many cases, hide behind religion to avoid being accountable for the shitty things we do. Some of the most ‘religious’ people I know are some of the unhappiest, meanest people I have ever met. Unfortunately, people will always find a quote from the Bible, or the Q’uran, or the Torah that seemingly justifies their hatred and oppression of others. To which I say, let’s get our noses out of books and our ‘religion’ out of the sky, and let’s help and embrace our fellow humans. Great post….thanks for your insight!

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