Black Friday! Part 2









Stampede by asmith62378.

“Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege.” – Unknown 

I am still troubled by the death of a Wal-Mart employee who was on the unfortunate end of a stampede on Black Friday.  Being in Atlanta at the moment I was able to obtain a copy of the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Thanksgiving Day edition.  The advertisements must have outweighed the paper by a margin of 3 to 1.  What I found was very troubling indeed.

On big ticket items such as flat screen televisions, computers, and all sorts of other electronic goodies, there were some serious deals to be had.  The only problem is that in the fine print of these deals to good to be true is the fact that there is a minimum number of these goods available at each store.  When you have thousands of people lining up to purchase a limited supply of goods is a recipe for disaster.

Best Buy, Circuit City, Target, and Wal-Mart are all guilty of this practice.  Its like dropping a sack of rice into a refugee camp expecting the distribution to proceed in a timely and orderly fashion.  Just ain’t gonna fucking happen.  What is equally disturbing is the fact that there seems to be no method of crowd control.  Maybe if that Wal-Mart on Long Island had some type of security in place, this tragic death could have been avoided.

America needs to wake up and stop being manipulated by the retail industry and the news media.  The same deal you would get on Black Friday will be repackaged in one form or another leading up to Christmas.  When I used to participate in the idiocy of the holiday season, I always found the best deals to be on the day after Christmas or the retailer’s websites.

Ever wonder why Santa’s catch phrase is “Ho, Ho, Ho?”  Think about it if you can!


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  1. spencercourt

    Wal-Mart should have done what a number of other stores do. They go out before the store opens and ask the first one in line what item(s) that person wants and then give them something that “reserves” the item(s) for that person and so on down the line until they are out of all the “limited” items. That way, there’s no reason to charge into the store.

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