I Just Found Religion!

Mexico Playboy Virgin

Growing up,  I often ventured into my grandfather’s closet to catch up on the latest editions of Playboy Magazine, and brother, it sure as hell wasn’t for the articles!  After Clint Eastwood and James Bond, Hugh Hefner was my hero.  I’ll never forget those days.  There was something so cool about sitting in that closet and looking at pictures of naked women.  Those days are over now!  I was attacked by a gang of New York City feminists and brainwashed into believing that pornography leads to violence against women.  That’s a view that I have come to believe in my own right.  http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/VAW02/module2.html

So when the news broke out over the December issue of Plaboy’s Mexican edition depicting the Virgin Mary on it’s cover I had to investigate what the commotion was about.  It appears that some people took offense because December is the month that Mexicans celebrate the Virgin Mary in what is called:

Festival de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe: This annual celebration leads up to D?a de Nuestra Se?ora de Guadalupe, celebrated throughout Mexico on December 12. The Virgin of Guadalupe is the patron saint of Mexico, and is also identified with the Aztec earth goddess and mother of humankind. The basilica just outside of Mexico City features the largest celebration and the most impressive crowd of impassioned believers, but perhaps the best place to view the festivities is in Puerto Vallarta, where they continue around the clock for 12 days. It is a visual delight.

As is the cover of Playboy!  I do not find it offensive or pornographic at all.  In fact all virgins should look as good as the model used by Playboy.  What is offensive is that people think Mary was a virgin at all.  But that is an argument for another blog.  If I am going to be innudated by images of the Virgin Mary I’ll take this one.  After all, she is a living vibrant woman.  I am rather tired of seeing the Virgin Mary in a piece of toast or a slice of pizza.




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7 responses to “I Just Found Religion!

  1. fakename2

    I sure am glad to see that the Associated Mess is on the trail here…rofl.

  2. ptfan1

    lol. The little small town I grew up in was actually a peninsular. As such it had an old boathouse for dry dock repairs so some of the junkers lay abandoned. One of them was an old tugboat. We used to stash our playboy mags in the bow of the ole boat and sneak down and have a couple of cigarettes and “review the articles” in the playboy mags. We thought we were invisible to the community and conspired to ponder the natural order of sex for several years until someone found and stole our stash. By that time we had discovered the real deal and didn’t miss the ole mags too much. But I will never forget Donna Micheles perfect chest. I then collected the mags for 25 years until current wife said they can’t come in our house. So with a profound sense of loss I dumped them in the trash ………sigh

    Hugh Hefner was a hero of mine too.

  3. eehard

    When it comes down to the real thing versus a photo, you made the right decision!

  4. spencercourt

    Depending on how you look at it, that toast (or pizza) could be a depiction of Jesus, but I can also see Mary and even Marilyn Monroe. (I have a vibrant imagination!)

    PT…you dumped those Playboys?! That must have been before eBay; otherwise, you could have made some money selling them.

    And Nick, when did you change your blog subtitle to “Home of Associated Mess” from “Giving It To You Straight”? I just noticed it today…

  5. spencercourt

    OK, I see that you combined the “old” with the “new”….

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