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Recently, there has been a lot of whining going on at my local newspaper the Tallahassee Democrat about dwindling readership and the death of newspapers.  They even stooped so low that a member of the Teen Editorial Board wrote an article about how much she loved newspapers,  getting ink dust on her fingers, and the evils of the Internet.  I really thought that it was soft core porn with a fetish for printing presses.

First of all, the Tallahassee Democrat is only a mediocre newspaperr at best .  Usually the front page consists of black mug shot, Seminoles going to the Aqua paste Toothpaste Bowl, Janitor at FAMU caught taking a broom home,  Bobby Bowden’s brilliant football mind to be transplanted into a robot, Goose killed at Lake Ella.  The editorial pages are a joke.  By the time they print an opinion piece by the likes of Maureen Dowd or Eugene Robinson, its already been read on the web.  But we get a steady dose of dead people voting in Sopchoppy.  The comics section still runs funnies my grandparents read.  Can we get The Boondocks please?  And for all of you who don’t get “Get Fuzzy,” go play in traffic.

My point here is that the Democrat does not have to put their content on the web.  That would make people who want local news buy papers.  But that isn’t realistic.  Perhaps the Democrat should charge a subscription fee to view its content on the Internet; but that probably won’t fly either.  Or better yet, put out a better product!  The layout is horrible.  I’ve seen more appealing wanted posters.  Take the OP-ED out of the Local section and put it where it rightfully belongs.  Except for Jonah Greenberg because he is the perfect lead in to the Obituaries.

Stop whining and begging us to buy papers.  They arrest people on corners who beg.  Do not go to Congress for a newspaper bailout because I won’t support it.  Give us a better paper and we will buy it.  Personally, I would like expanded coverage of FAMU sports and the destruction of Zing.  C’mon Democrat, you’re really the only player in town, you don’t need to resort to begging!



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2 responses to “Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

  1. spencercourt

    I thot Bob G was bragging very recently about their subscription numbers, etc.

    It’s not his decision about going online. Gannet did that. I think all newspapers are in a transition to online content, some of which may be paid. But first they want you to get used to going online to “prep” you to pay for it.

    Did you see that two Detroit papers are ending daily home delivery? I think only Thursday, Friday, and Sunday will be available. daily is possibl but only by mail, soit is not “same day.” That is the future….

    • eehard

      I thought he said their numbers were about the same (print vs. internet). But that whole buy at least one newspaper a week was a sorry plea. I think the only reason I keep my subscription is that I am from the age before the net, so i like having a newspaper around.

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