Take Your Biomass Plant and Shove it up Your Biomass!










The Tallahassee Democrat has completed its series on the proposed biomass plant to be built in Tallahassee complete with the requisite quotes of some of the prominent players.  They didn’t ask me for my opinion but I am going to give it to you anyway.  BG&E can take their biomass plant and shove it up Glenn Farri’s ass!

I have to admit that I have not been following the issue closely until now.  The only thing that stands out is that $40 million fiasco in Vermont and whether or not Farris had anything to do with that.  But what I do know is that biomass plants  produce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.  And to put it in a heavily populated area despite its ideal location makes as about as much sense as me kissing George W. Bush’s ass!

Who cares that FSU wants to save on electricity?  I want my utility bill cut too,  but you don’t hear me threatening to set up a windmill.  If they  cut their football recruiting in half they’d save some damn money.  And there’s that little thing called a CONFLICT OF INTEREST involving FSU President’s wife being in charge of the project  and having an ownership stake in the company.  I also don’t like T.K. bitching about how we do business here in Tallahassee.  You are one fucking demerit away from being sent back to TCC.

Then there is that funny little thing about property taxes.  What a sweetheart deal that is.  The state owned land doesn’t have to pay taxes because that would kind of be like the state paying its self.   FSU is operating like they were the fucking Sopranos, extorting money from the city to remain a paying customer.  I say build your own power plant like you were going too.  You don’t get shit for free in this country unless you are a Wall Street banker.

Why not turn the property into a solar power site?  We get plenty of sunshine in this state.  I think that is on the tag on my car.  I come from a long line of people that believe if you tell me that it is good for me then it is probably not.  To disregard the wishes of the citizens who live in the area where you want to put your oven doesn’t bode well for democracy.  It reeks with the smell of fascism!



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2 responses to “Take Your Biomass Plant and Shove it up Your Biomass!

  1. Here is an idea. Let us just never again vote for any incumbent office holder? Result? Automatic term limits, throw the bums out who got us in all these messes we are bailing out for trillions!

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    I don’t care about whether links and comments agree or disagree with my views as long as they are witty or intelligent, and your blog is both!!

    The only important thing is that we all have intelligent discussions about how to lift up America for our best possible future.

    Our future is what we make it, and idiot Congress and moron elected officials have proven by example that if we do nothing, we have no future.

    It helps to have some entertainment, satire and laughs along the journey.

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  2. spencercourt

    There’s a lot of backscratching going on with the biomass plant, that’s for sure. But, this is Tallahicky….

    Mrs. W’s 4% interest in the firm is “interestingly” just 1% point below the level the law says would constitute a legal conflict of interest.

    Coincidence? Or conspiracy? Muhahahaha!

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