Goodbye Eartha Kitt!










I first discovered Eartha Kitt as a kid watching the old Batman tv series as a kid.  As Catwoman, she made me root for the bad guy.  The Most Exciting Woman in the World died yesterday.  She will be missed.   Hope to run into you on the otherside one day.  Please wear that Catwoman costume!



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3 responses to “Goodbye Eartha Kitt!

  1. ptfan1

    I have long been a fan of hers! Over the holidays we listened to a PBS special that interviewed her. We were driving part of our million miles drive (maybe it was after the UF game) and we were headed back to Palatka……..yes that’s it …so it would have been Nov 30. She had a very interesting life and you would no doubt enjoy the spot if you can find it.

    I then listened to another similar interview of Eastwood…….hope it doesn’t have similar results for him. You know she liked the Mamie Van Doren Marilyn Monroe look too. Wonder if google will find any pics of her as a blonde.

  2. ptfan1

    Whoops my bad, it was Etta James who went blonde not Eartha Kitt. And it was Etta that did the PBS interview.

  3. eehard

    Etta James is who I want singing while I am having dinner with Eartha!

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