The Wasillabillies! Episode 4 “Welcome to the Family”










What do you give an anti-abortion, abstinence only, gun toting Christian governor for Christmas?  A bastard, er illegitimate, er out of wedlock grandbaby.  Bristol Palin gave birth to future hockey player and hillbilly heroin user Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston.  It is reported that People magazine wii pay Bristol and Levi $300K for exclusive photos of baby Tripp.  The Associated Mess considers this to be a good thing as it will keep another unwed mother off of food stamps and WIC.  We have also scooped People by obtaining the first photo of Tripp.






For all of you Palinphiles, get your 2009 calander!  Spend the entire year with Sarah and her family.  It’s going to be another shitty year and you might as well spend your time with a shitty calander!


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