I’m Back!









It’s a new year and after taking some time off, I have a new look and hopefully some new and fresh perspectives.  I’ve started by changing my theme and adding the meebo instant messing service on my page if anyone wants to talk in real time if they stumble across my page and I happen to be online.  I have no doubt that I will continue to be my same ornery self and make no apologies about how I decide to express my opinions.  The honeymoon is over and Mr. Obama will not get a free ride but objective analysis concerning his policies and decisions.  I will also try to incorporate more humor in my future posts as I feel as though I’ve gotten away from trying to be funny.  Which in my humble opinion, I thought that I was pretty good at it.

I really don’t want to get into why I literally dropped off the scene for a while but I will share that there were some medical issues involved which I now hope have been fully resolved.  As Fake name once alluded to; take the damn medication and put down the book “Medical Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About.”  That was not a smart thing to do and being the secondary caregiver of my grandmother who is a stroke victim made me all the crazier.  I may hate the Pharmaceutical industry but the shit that they make works wonderfully for my condition.  I’ll have an interesting story on that in an upcoming blog.

I also have some upcoming pieces on:

. The Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

.  Roland Burris.

.  Clint Eastwood.

.  Ray Sansom and the ethical questions he has brought about.

.  Budget cuts to education and the increase of funding to prison construction.

And a host of other issues that will invariably affect us all.  So in closing, happy new year to you all, and sincerest wishes that your new year will not be as bad as the previous one.  To my friends, I love you all.  And I sincerely look forward to a healthy discourse in the new year!  Peace & love be upon you all!


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2 responses to “I’m Back!

  1. fakename2

    “Every girl crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed man…” Looking good in the pics! And yes…you are funny!

  2. eehard

    Thank you for your kind words. Are you sure that you wiped off your glassess?

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