Rod Blagojevich and Roland Burris – 1, Harry Reid and Dick Durbin – 0; so reads the final box score in the senate showdown.  I have mixed emotions about Roland Burris, the newly sworn in junior Senator from Illinois.  I really admire his moxie as he fought for what he believed was his and in the process made the senate Democrats look like, well, senate Democrats.  Those dumbasses caved quicker than Bobby Bowden at a Tim Tebow autograph session.    

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and if you saw the look on Burris’ face as he was led to his senate office, you’d have to agree.  It was a face of a child in awe and full of glee as he was opening an unexpected Christmas present.  You just might say that gift was a bleeping goldmine ordained by God.

Burris, a legend in his own mind, will probably turn out to be a reliable vote for the Democrats on a consistent basis; but I have to wonder how this man is able to look at himself in the mirror?  Having lost four consecutive statewide races for office clearly shows that the people of Illinois are not exactly enamored with the man who has never met a microphone that he didn’t like.  I cannot question the man’s integrity as everything I have read about him indicates that he was a honest and capable public servant.  What I do question, however, is his judgment.

When asked why he would accept the appointment from the scandal plagued governor, Burris replied “Why not?”  Burris later added that his appointment was “Ordained by God!”  All of this just leads me to believe that Burris wants to be a senator just to be a senator.  I have yet to hear him say what he hopes to accomplish in that capacity.  The people of Illinois deserve better as does the rest of the country.  I have no doubts that the “Chosen One” will become a footnote in 2010 but at least he’ll be able to add a few more lines to his mausoleum.   






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3 responses to “Trailblazer!

  1. spencercourt

    We all know what time it is when the Legislature is in session…. BOHICA time!

    I see you have a new look! I was a bit confused about how to leave a comment but I finally figured it out.

  2. ptfan1

    So Burris and Palin are…………….what…….blood kin? Exactly how does he know his appointment was ordained by God. If he has demonstrable evidence I say we bring him on cause he can help with the economy. Now Sara never actually proved that the Iraqi war was ordaned by God and see what happened to her.

    Does this mean that Burris will get an interview with KKKKKK Katie? (Little Streisand joke there TWWW)

  3. eehard

    Burris is just as wacky as Sarah Palin. When you think that you know what God wants or says you join the Jimmy Swaggarts of this world.

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