Good Riddance!











In less than twenty-four hours we will have a new president and vice president.  And it won’t be a moment too soon.  I can’t wait that long to say goodbye to Bush and Cheney so I’ll start now.  Goodbye!  See you later (in jail I hope)!  It hasn’t been nice!  Hope you have your pardons already signed.  Uncle Dick, can you please go stand next to a microwave oven and turn the power up to the nuclear level.  W., there’s a bottle of Jack Daniels waiting for you at The Hague.  Both of them came in as the only president and vice president convicted of a crime.  They’ll go out as two war criminals if not in name, but in deeds.

These last eight years have proven that if you put an idiot into a position of power surrounded by a circle of idiots then the results will be disastrous.  This so called legacy tour is a joke.  The terrorists may have not hit the homeland since 9/11 but they have certainly aided you in bankrupting America and setting America’s standing in the world somewhere between Albania and Zimbabwe.  You are the worst president ever.  Even the disposed Ugandan dictator Idi Amin left with higher approval ratings.

Your lasting legacy will be a line of shoes that gets you lost every time you wear them.  You will make a lucrative career as a speaker as every civic organization from the Boy Scouts to the Gay Republicans will pay you not to show up.  You and Dick Cheney will go hunting and Cheney will shoot himself in the face!  When you dare to venture out in public, the Secret Service will conveniently look the other way.

When and if you hold a ten year reunion, you, Condi, Rumsfeld, and Dick, if he hasn’t had his twenty-sixth heart attack will all wear matching orange jumpsuits with DOC stenciled on the back.  Well that may be a stretch but I hear they have some new and comfortable ankle bracelets.  Just go away!  And don’t look back, there may be a shoe headed your way!





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