Reality Show Skanks!










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4 responses to “Reality Show Skanks!

  1. spencercourt

    Even skanks deserve their 15 minutes of “fame” because America is the land of opportunity”!

    Didn’t Nostradamus prophesize: “When the skank is popularly revered, it is the first sign of the ascendancy of The Anarchist”? 😉

  2. eehard

    LOL…. Was the term skank even around when Nostradamus was making all of his predictions? But I do await the coming of the Anarchist!

  3. spencercourt

    Oh, I think there have always been skanks…although the specific word used to describe them varied throughout history.

    I suspect “A History of Skanks Through The Ages” would be much more academically enhancing than “Mating Habits of Mutant Earthworms During the Paleolithic Era.” 😉

  4. ptfan1

    I have yet to watch a reality show, so I will take your word for it. I thnk it was Nostradamus who predicted that Bowden would retire in 2012 after Paterno ascended to heaven. And that Tebow would lead the Bucs to the superbowl title in 2014. That the same guy?

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