eehard’s Newest Dumbazz of the Week!










They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but when white people try to act black, they always fuck it up!  It’s “You Da Man” bitch!  Because you fucked up the simplest of ghetto terminology, you earn my dumbazz of the week.  And by the way, you might want to get up to speed on taxation also.  Watch the video to see why Michele Bachmann is a dumbazz!




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4 responses to “eehard’s Newest Dumbazz of the Week!

  1. fakename2

    “…when white people try to act black, they always fuck it up!” Truer words were never spoken. The most glaring example of that is Vanilla Ice…remember him? He should be your dumbazz of the century. I all the time see these white boys in their pimped-out pickup trucks (that right there tells you they have gotten it wrong) with the bass thumping and the baseball hats on backwards and I just want to say You are so pathetic! Go back to kindergarten and start over on what it means to be cool.
    This video was worth it to hear Olbermann say, Listen to me, trying to talk sense to an android. Very, very funny.

  2. eehard

    Okay, Vanilla Ice is my Dumbazz of the century. You’ve got to love Olbermann, I watch him everynight.

  3. MzCynic

    I actually heard this woman say this and was amazed – this kind of trash talking at a CPAC convention? What next?

    Speaking of MSNBS, did y’all watch after Boobby Jindal’s response to Obama’s excellent talk to the Nation? I was ROFLMBO esp. since Rachel was speechless, Rachel – speechless???

    Jindal made no sense at all, none, nada, zilch, zero and was a pitiful, pathetic person.

  4. eehard

    She might come out in blackface and perform a minstrel show.

    As for Jindal, I thought he looked like a male prostitute caught in the headlights for the very first time.

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