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I usually don’t bother myself with celebrity news.  I have a hard enough time keeping up with my own life so I don’t have the time to be concerned what color panties Paris Hilton has on today presuming that she does wear panties.  But nothing boils my blood like domestic violence.  That is why Chris Brown is my dumbazz of the month.  I would include Rihanna for taking him back but she gets a pass.   Studies show that the victims of domestic abuse somehow blame themselves for the violence.  Let’s hope for her sake that she does not have to go through this experience again.  I only hope that the Judge throws the book at Chris Brown.  Click here for the full story.

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9 responses to “Dumbazz of the Month!

  1. ebonypearl

    Domestic Violence became a big word with the OJ case. Domestic violence is wrong and offensive I find it hard to swat/yell at my dog (tangy) who is a bad ass everyday, she was kick out of obedient school, I raise her so I got to deal with her. The Chris/Rihanna story is played out in the media due to the color of their complexions…Oh see Black Turbulently.(let me have it on that comment eehard).. (the photo image look fake to me) I was not there so, I will not comment on the actions of them. I’m a woman and if a man yell at me with anger in his voice he can forget about me. My Dad never did hit/yell at me, so no man will ever. I grew up with four brothers, Oh boy did I get on their nerves and still do, but never will a loving person attack another. After working with MMPD for 25yrs and seeing Domestic Violence over and over with the same couples, I became cold towards victims of Domestic Violence. Love don’t beat up on you. Get out of unhealthy relationships, married or not..The next encounter will be life sentence and someone in a grave. Listen to song, What Love Got To Do With it. (Ike/Tina).Run for your life woman/man. On Rihanna’s CD, she sing of I’m Going To Fight A Man Tonight And I Want Stop Until I See Flashing Police Lights…I Know Domestic Violence is wrong, but the Polices with not Police my life/house, I will do that. Regulations on relationship, woman/man either you want her/him or not, you can not force someone to do right in loving you, they will do the right thing by you, but not by kicking your butt is not one of them. Peace, Love, Joy and Hope to everyone who can obtain it and keep it. (something to smile at Living is free, dying is costly) happiness/sadness. I was renamed by eehard the twisted one.

  2. spencercourt

    The weird thing is… so many women take back an abuser who says “I’m sorry; it won’t happen again.”

  3. eehard

    Anarchist, it is weird. I don’t understand it but I’ve nevver been abused. And I am not a woman. However, if someone gave me a facial the way he did, I’d make sure that his azz did some time!

  4. eehard


    are you suggesting that skin color is driving the media attention of this story? And yes, tou are still twisted.

  5. MzCynic

    There are still men (??? I would call them boys) who say a woman asked for it. No one should ever hit another person in anger, never, ever. That includes an adult hitting a child, which is probably worse because a child is defenseless. And, when a man divorces a woman or vice versa, it’s always the woman’s fault according to the boys, no matter the reason. “She drove him to doing _____” (pick the subject), it’s never the other way around.


  6. eehard


    I agree with you 100%. I don’t think anyone should put their hands on anyone under any conditions. Except, well you know.

  7. ebonypearl

    Sorry is a sorry word and should never be used to a love one in a rage of anger afterwards, misunderstanding is possible in realationships.

    I wrote once, Love is to never say you are sorry and if I use that word sorry, it will never ever happen again and if I do use it again, it mean my love will never be true to you.

    You can shout and scream at a love one and anyone, but do that mean you hate them,no just maybe you need better communicate skills to express yourself.

    Now upon striking a love one or anyone with your hands (open/closed) in a rage of anger is hatred/horror and can never be taken back.

    Words can cause pain to the mind/soul of someone, which in that case I’am sorry is accepted, but to cause physical mental/bodily harm to a person, who you say you love is unforgiveable forever and that person will always fear your love for them and rightly so they should be afraid for their life.

  8. eehard

    Nothing says I love you like a straight right to the eye ebonypearl.

  9. ebonypearl

    So sad most women believe their batter love them…I guess love is blind, when you can not see out of your swollen eyes. Some males need obedient training!

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