Sunday’s Co-Dumbazzes!



Valynne Bowers


Linda Nef

You’ll never guess what these two skanks have in common unless of course you’ve already heard or read about it.  It’s pretty common in some parts of Utah where sharing sexual partners is commonplace and endorsed by a certain religion.  That arrangement is generally a man who has multiple wives.  Ever see the HBO series Big Love?

But these two deperate school marm hags had their sights set on the same 13 year old junior high school boy.  Both broads have been charged with first degree felonies for rape amd sodomy on a child.  Maybe when they get to prison, they can be eachother’s bitches.  Keep it in the family I say.  Read the full disgusting story here!  You two dumb bitches are my co-dumbazzes for Sunday.



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8 responses to “Sunday’s Co-Dumbazzes!

  1. spencercourt

    I guess that school sure was “bountiful”… lol!

    That must have been some 13 year old for two different teachers to be lusting after him. of course, maybe they figured that at that age, it’d be easy to teach him manly ways….

  2. fakename2

    I hadn’t seen this story, but now that I have (I read the link) I can’t say how repulsed I am. Nef is 46 and Bowers is 39, and the boy is 13. How do women that age get to this point? The boy may have thought he was having a good time, but I suspect his ideas about sex will be permanently damaged.

  3. eehard

    I had that same thought Anarchist. But even at 13 I knew ugly. And with those two hags, ugly is to the bone!

  4. eehard

    Fakename, maybe they should have seen my piece on the rabbit. But I hope those crones go away for a long time.

  5. Dino

    I miss middle school—but, I never had teachers after me like all these sex crazed teachers in today’s schools. Maybe I didn’t look hard enough.

  6. eehard

    LOL… When I was in middle school all of the teachers were hags. High school was a different story.

  7. duhduhduhduh

    you guys have no idea what you are talking about.
    i went to that school, i know those teachers, their daughters and sons read these kinds of things, its not anyones business, you dont know how it started or how it ended, they were not “caught” they told on themselves because it was better for the boy, which tells you that they have morals for christ sake. i went to school with these people, i was in the classes these teachers taught, they are not bad people, arent christians and mormons and catholics taught to hate the sin and not the sinner?

  8. eehard

    I think that the facts speak for themselves. And for the record, I am neither Catholic, Christian, or Mormon.

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