Sex with Teacher!









I am still reeling from my Sunday’s Dumbazzes.  It has made me question why I want to go into teaching.  Do I want to nuture their young minds or their firm supple young bodies?  But seriously, I googled “sex with teacher” and these are the results.  Poor dumb bastards. 


Emili Kay Daniels


 Kolbee L. Kearns


Ian James Daw


Eric L. Johansen


James Pertuit



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5 responses to “Sex with Teacher!

  1. fakename2

    Looking at these people makes me understand why they were having sex with kids who didn’t know any better. The pictures all look like they were taken from a medical textbook illustrating the dangers of inbreeding.

  2. eehard

    Oh Shyt! ROFLMBAO, you are on such a role today. I guess family love isn’t limited to Kentucky and West Virginia.

  3. spencercourt

    Remember that young, attractive blond right here in Florida that had sex with a student. LeFavre or something like that? So they’re not all barking…

  4. eehard

    Well that is true Anarchist, but it doesn’t make her any less of a skank.

  5. sam

    his is happening all over the country. Go to http:// This year they have already documented over 110 of these types of incidents.

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