Female Force!











Somebody please tell me what the fuck is going on here!  Female Force is a series of comic books put out by a publisher wo wants to educate us about strong independent women.  If I wanted to learn about strong independent women I’d take a class on the subject somewhere.  I want my comic book characters to be mutant nuclear altered ass kickers.  Okay, maybe Sarah Palin does belong in a comic book.  Hell, she may even give Katie Couric a call to let her know that she finally read something.



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2 responses to “Female Force!

  1. ebonypearl

    Come on eehard, Darren will be making money, The White House is full of Female Force at this time and most are in color. So I give him a thumb up on the comic book. Rice will be featured, but is at a low rating at this time. Thanks, always keeping me abreast. Chow

  2. eehard

    i don’t care who makes money. but a comic book about sarah palin better entail her fucking up mutant evil wolves and polar bears!

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