The Wasillabillies! Episode: White Trash.











Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston have called it quits two and a half months after the birth of their son Tripp Johnston.  Acoording to Levi’s sister Mercedes, Bristol doesn’t want the baby being around “white trash!”  Which in and of itself is pretty funny considering Bristol is pretty much “white trash” herself.  For the full story click here!  I’d like to see how the family values argument is going to play out in 2012.

Speaking of 2012, some group of morons met in a Denny’s Restaurant to announce a Draft Sarah Palin for President campaign in 2012.  They have even started a mass email campaign to Iowa Republicans.  What I want to know is what knd of excuse will she have for not paying her taxes in Alaska.  I don’t know, maybe she forgot because she was too busy flying around in helicopters shooting wolves.



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3 responses to “The Wasillabillies! Episode: White Trash.

  1. fakename2

    Well here’s a sad fact, I found out that Tripp Johnston was born on my birthday (December 29).

  2. spencercourt

    Well duuuuuh…! That engagement was soleyl for “political” reasons. Once mom lost the election, there as no need to even have a pretense of legitimacy.

    Three years from now, who’s gonna make an issue that “family values” Sarah has a daughter daughter who literally has a bastard….? Now, if this was A Dem, the Repubs would be howling about role models, etc….

  3. eehard

    fakename, it is no reflection upon you.

    anarchist, bristol is a secret and none of your business… lol. you are so right, if the shoes were reversed…

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