The Incredible Uber Bitch!











The Associated Mess has finally confirmed what we’ve long suspected about conservative pundit Ann Coulter.  The photo clearly shows Coulter as a mutant and the baby sister of the Incredible Hulk.  After Meghan McCain called her out last week, Coulter could not contain her anger and morphed into the Incredible Uber-Bitch!

Meanwhile, b list uber-bitch Laura Ingraham made fun of Meghan McCain’s weight on her radio program.  Watch the video to see Meghan fight back.  You might not like the McCain’s politics but they don’t take crap off of anybody and you have to admire that.

Back to Coulter, eyewitnesses have been reporting to the Associated Mess that the Incredible Uber-Bitch picked up her dick, threw it over her shoulder and screamed “Arrrgggh Arrrgggh must find laura,” as she headed towards the talk radio host’s studios.


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One response to “The Incredible Uber Bitch!

  1. spencercourt

    I must say I’m enjoying the bloodletting between Repubs.

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