Life’s a bitch!  Life’s unfair!  Life sucks!  Under ordinary circumstances I would tell myself to shut the fuck up!  But right now, my life is anything but ordinary.  I am three weeks into a broken leg and I am virtually helpless.  Just this morning it took me thirty minutes to put on a pot of coffee.  Then I had to search the house to have someone carry a cup back to my room. 

I have to bathe like a prostitute, I’ve got three weeks of dirty laundry lying on the floor, and I can’t even make up my bed.  Even taking a shit is a chore!  Ever try wiping your ass leaning forward on two crutches?  I’m trying to keep from embarrassing my mother should I have to go to the hospital again and not crashing into the mirror at the same time.

I have come to the conclusion that breaking a leg is easy.  Snap goes the bone, get a cast placed around said bone, and pop a few pain pills and you’re done.  The hard part is the 8-12 weeks it will take for my bones to fuse themselves back together.  But the good thing for me is that my ordeal will be over in a couple of months.  I will no longer take my body or health for granted.  So my thoughts turned to those that are permanently handicapped.

I don’t know what it is like to be blind or confined to a wheelchair but I have a newfound respect for those of us who have to get by in a world that is not set up for them.  In an odd kind of way, I feel as if the handicapped are indeed stronger individuals than their non-handicapped counterparts.  I can’t walk through my house without tripping over my own two feet and yet a blind man with help of a dog or cane can catch a bus cross-town and go to work.  That’s a man with courage.  All of a sudden, I have no right to feel sorry for myself.


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